Emergency Radiology Solutions
Acquisition Tools for Time-Sensitive Exams

Acquisition Tools for Time-Sensitive Exams

Efficient and capable scanning for emergency departments.

Acquisition Tools for Time-Sensitive Exams

Choosing the correct imaging protocol, coordinating with technologist to expedite imaging, timely interpretation, and communication of urgent findings are key in Emergency Department imaging.1

“When our doctors can accurately diagnose a patient’s condition in that first hour, patient survival rates go up, and the risk of long-term or permanent damage decreases.”2


Trauma Scan
  • Multiple specialized studies within a single trauma scan3
  • Easy review of CT scans, instantly
  • Extended table and scannable range that allows single head to toe coverage


Seamless wireless connectivity
  • Seamless wireless connectivity for easy and fast transfer of images to PACS3
  • Customized presets and quick start menus
  • One button image optimization to help reduce exam time


Single-click image processing
  • Single-click image processing of tubes, lines, gauze and anatomical structures
  • Customizable settings helps optimize workflow and reduce imaging steps
  • Enhanced viewing of soft tissue injuries and foreign bodies

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3 Optional