Elite in Every Specification


It has an ultra-lightweight, ergonomic design for ease of handling, long battery life and AED1 function. This makes the CXDI-Elite the ideal digital radiography detector for mobile applications or any general x-ray need. The unique functions and built-in AEC2 assistance expand the digital radiography possibilities.

  • CXDI-720CW : 14" x 17" (5.1 lb. with battery)
  • CXDI-820CW : 11" x 14" (4.0 lb. with battery)
  • CXDI-420CW : 17" x 17" (6.0 lb. with battery)

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Built-in AEC Assistance3

The CXDI Elite series allows for automatically terminated exposures without the use of an additional receptor (ion chamber, solid state paddle, etc.).

  • There are 5 or 9 AEC Regions of Interest (ROI) depending upon model.
  • This FPD can detect the accumulated pixel value corresponding to received X-rays in real time at each AEC ROI and notify the X-ray generator when the pixel value reaches the preset value.
  • This function works via both wireless and wired communication, which enables the optimization of X-ray dose without an external AEC sensor, even in free- position imaging such as bed side.
Built-in AEC Assistance

High Image Quality

Canon developed a newer generation high performance scintillator which produces higher image quality than ever before. Thin and clean CsI pillar crystals can provide sharper images with both high DQE and MTF value.

  • DQE : 16% improvement from prior models @ 0.5 lp/mm
  • MTF : 29% improvement from prior models @ 2 lp/mm
High Image Quality

Easy Handling, Sleek Detector Design

The sleek, tough, and ergonomically sculpted design includes the following features to enhance the user and patient experience:

  • Comfortable to hold and easy to grip due to the light weight and ergonomic handgrips (9.15mm depth) sculpted into the detector.
  • High-quality composite materials and low weight Designed with form and function in mind.
  • Easy to position and comfortable for patients and technologists due to smooth, rounded corners.
Easy Handling, Sleek Detector Design

Quick Ready

It takes only 3 seconds4 to be ready, these detectors can be used whenever you want.

IP57 – Rated

Each detector is IP57-rated for protection against dust and liquid intrusion.

IP57 – Rated

1 AED:Automatic Exposure Detection
2 AEC:Automatic Exposure Control
3 Option software sold separately and Multibox (MB-02) is also required
4 Depending on acquisition mode