AI in CT

Meaningful AI in CT

Better Care, Better Experience, and Better Efficiency

Meaningful AI in CT

Innovations for improving operator experience, consistency and improving patient care pathways to drive efficiency.

AI in CT Overview

AI-Assisted total workflow experience


Intuitive, intelligent and integrated AI technologies for automated and optimized workflow from patient positioning, scan planning to customized scans with the all new INSTINX total workflow experience.

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40% Reduction in workflow steps / 97% Accuracy for automatic scan planning with ALD

Fast actionable results supporting time-critical decisions

Automation Platform

AI-based, zero-click solution that uses deep learning technology to streamline workflows for fast, actionable results delivering time-critical results to the care team when they need them.

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Automation Platform

Fast, integrated dose reduction with exceptional image quality

Deep Learning Reconstruction

AI-based reconstructions that use deep learning to reveal information (contrast, resolution, and spectral) resulting in confident diagnosis and may help reduce the need for additional downstream studies while maximizing the potential of your CT system, image quality and dose reduction.

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PiQE / AiCE / Spectral CT

Driving operational efficiencies and care

End-to-End Workflow Automation

Drive operational efficiencies and improved patient care pathways with intuitive AI technologies, automated protocol setup and scanner workflow, remote scan support, and zero-click post-processing to enhance patient triage.

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Protocoling / Scanning / Results

1 INSTINX is available on the Aquilion ONE / INSIGHT Edition and Aquilion Serve SP
2 Accuracy for automatic scan planning with Anatomical Landmark Detection (ALD) - Based on an ALD evaluation of 240 3D Landmark scans (40 Head, 200 Body) 3D landmark scan data. Cases in which the relevant anatomic landmark(s) were not present (9) were excluded. 97% accuracy is based on results within +/- 1cm of target start, end, and FOV position, confirmed by two experienced CT Technologists.