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Healthcare IT

Empowering Diagnostic Decisions, Connecting Care Teams, and Unlocking Insights.

It’s no secret that when healthcare providers are equipped with the data and IT solutions you need, you are much better placed to deliver high-quality patient-centered care. But with issues such as increased workloads, large volumes of data, and constant changes to hospital infrastructure getting in the way, it’s becoming harder to get things right.

At Canon Medical, we’re committed to providing intelligent workflow solutions that increase your clinical confidence and ensure your patients are swiftly placed on the right treatment path for them. Our suite of IT deployments ensure care teams of any size can access the information you need, onsite or remotely, to reduce costs and optimize modality usage across your organization.

Healthcare IT Suite

A smart, streamlined approach
to Healthcare IT


Innovative systems and applications
The latest reconstruction technologies, including our Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE), integrate seamlessly with our suite of scanners.


Intelligent processing
Advanced visualization tools allow image processing, while AI assisted applications enhance the postprocessing workflow to facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of your patients.


The easy way to collaborate
Get more out of your multi-disciplinary team with smart, scalable solutions that enable everyone to stay up to date on your patient's progress.


Unlocking the potential of data
Access all the patient information you need to make confident clinical decisions in real-time, at the point of delivery and beyond. Make organizational decisions that facilitate cost-saving and drive improvements in quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery.

Healthcare IT Ecosystem

Our commitment to healthcare IT

Solutions for every step of the patient journey

We are dedicated to helping you integrate IT and data innovations that enhance your healthcare decisions every step of the way.

Professional excellence

Professional excellence

We work closely with Canon Group companies, as well as our global research centers, to develop new applications and technologies that meet a range of clinical needs.

A holistic approach

A holistic approach

Canon Medical Healthcare IT solutions are designed to address every step of the patient journey, from acquisition to treatment planning and follow-up.

Driven by tomorrow

Driven by tomorrow

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, we work hard to ensure our products and solutions are ready to respond to whatever the future has in store.