Canon CT - Meaningful Innovation

Canon CT - Meaningful Innovation

Canon CT - Meaningful Innovation

Providing meaningful innovations that improve patient care pathways. Empowering you with intelligent solutions for confident diagnosis, integrated workflow solutions for streamlined operations, and innovative solutions to advancing access to care.

Enhanced Confidence

Improve patient management by aiming for the best image, every time, increasing efficiency and diagnostic confidence with intuitive, intelligent and integrated AI technologies.

Patient & Operator Centric Design

Improving patient and operator experience, access and safety with our patient centric scanner design and AI-assisted workflow automation.

Your Trusted Partner

Your trusted partner beyond technology. Bringing better care, better experiences and better efficiency to all your clinical needs.

Harmonized Portfolio - The Aquilion CT Family

The Aquilion CT Family

Shared Technologies

  • 78+ cm

  • 694+ lbs.
    Table Capacity*

    Table Capacity
  • High-Resolution
    0.5 mm Detector

  • Dedicated Metal
    Artifact Reduction

    Metal Artifact Reduction
  • Deep Learning

    Deep Learning Reconstruction


Better Care, Better Experience, and Better Efficiency

Meaningful AI in CT

Innovations for improving operator experience, consistency and improving patient care pathways to drive efficiency.

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AI in CT Overview

1INSTINX is available on the Aquilion ONE / INSIGHT Edition and Aquilion Serve SP
2Accuracy for automatic scan planning with Anatomical Landmark Detection (ALD) - Based on an ALD evaluation of 240 3D Landmark scans (40 Head, 200 Body) 3D landmark scan data. Cases in which the relevant anatomic landmark(s) were not present (9) were excluded. 97% accuracy is based on results within +/- 1cm of target start, end, and FOV position, confirmed by two experienced CT Technologists.