Dose Reduction CT Scanners

Consistent Commitment to Dose Reduction

The ability to rapidly deliver high-resolution images has made CT a core imaging modality across healthcare today. Corresponding with its greater use and growing breadth of applications, however, have been increasing concerns over patient safety due to radiation exposure.

Canon Medical Systems CT Dose Control

Canon Medical Systems has always shared these concerns and has been actively involved in introducing automated, easy CT dose-saving tools for decades based on the ALARA principle. This principle states that only the minimum amount of radiation necessary to accomplish the diagnostic task at hand should be used in order to keep patient risk As Low As Reasonably Possible (ALARA).

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Remove the Workflow Challenges of MBIR

FIRST* Integrated

Following Canon Medical Systems' long standing philosophy for minimizing dose, while maintaining clinical workflow. FIRST can fit seamlessly into daily clinical practice.

FIRST Overview

*Optional on the Aquilion ONE ViSION Edition only

AIDR 3D Dose Reduction

Adaptive Iterative Dose Reduction integrated into

SUREExposure3D — AIDR 3D

AIDR 3D has been developed as the next step in the evolution of noise reduction technology. This iterative algorithm removes noise in the raw and image data space, by analyzing and processing the data repeatedly.

Learn More About AIDR 3D

CT Pediatric Imaging

Safer Pediatric Imaging

Making CT imaging safer for pediatric patients by lowering radiation dose and sedation.

Pediatric Imaging

Dose Management Education

Continuing Education

for Dose Management

Programs are offered at our Educational Center, at your place of business and online. Through the Canon Medical Systems Learning Center (CLC) portal you can access a wealth of resources for both online and instructor-led courses.

Continuing Education

MITA Smart Dose XR-29

Canon Medical Systems CT enhances patient safety

with MITA's Smart Dose standard

All of Canon Medical Systems' new Aquilion™ CT systems meet the XR-29 requirements, and upgrade options are available for most existing systems.

XR-29 Dose Compliant 10 Things to Know About CT Dose

Head and Neck Imaging with a

Dynamic Volume 320 Detector Row CT Scanner

Presented by: Dr. Keith Peters, MD
Associate Professor of Radiology and Neurological Surgery,
University of Florida College of Medicine Gainesville, Florida.