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Sports Medicine

High-Definition Imaging for High Performance Athletics

High-performance athletes need to stay at the top of their game. Canon Medical is proud to provide high-definition, advanced diagnostic imaging systems that unlock the maximum levels of athletic potential.

Whether helping prevent, diagnose, or treat injuries, Canon’s advanced imaging solutions empower elite athletes around the world to push the boundaries of human performance.

*FC Barcelona Medical Center

FC Barcelona Medical Center

Partners In Athletic Performance

Canon’s history of collaboration and innovation extends to our groundbreaking work in sports medicine. To serve our sports medicine customers, we partner alongside global clinical and academic institutions to gain a deeper understanding of injury prevention and recovery management. These close relationships enable us to confidently develop solutions that enable athletes to stay in peak performance.

With strategic partnerships with the most revered sporting organizations in the world, such as the San Antonio Spurs, Manchester United Football Club and Real Madrid Club de Fútbol, elite athletic organizations trust Canon to guide them along every step of their athletic journey, from prevention to return-to-play — and everything in between.

Partners In Athletic Performance
Real Madrid Club de Fútbol | Canon Medical
Manchester United Football Club | Canon Medical

Innovative Magnetic Resonance

Our MRI portfolio is grounded in leading-edge research and development, enabling clinicians to harness the latest and advanced high-resolution imaging technology to detect and help prevent potential injuries that can sideline an athlete.

  • AI Powered MR. Deep Learning Reconstruction technology produces orthopedic imaging of bony detail and cartilage with higher signal-to-noise ratio and enhanced resolution.
  • T2 Cartilage Mapping. Assists the physician in detecting early stages of cartilage lesions and degeneration within the knee.

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Intelligent Computed Tomography

An array of CT solutions based on the latest clinical research and innovative technological developments in Artificial Intelligence delivers a confident diagnosis that can lead to fast recovery.

  • Ultra-High Resolution Imaging. Delivers improved visualization of detail with 2X the resolution of today’s CT.
  • AI Powered CT. Creates sharp, clear, and distinct images for confident diagnosis.
  • 4D Imaging/Kinematic Joint Studies. Allows joint movement to be fully assessed through 4D Kinematic studies.

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Sports Medicine

“The ability to detect pre-symptomatic changes in the cartilage by quantitative T2 mapping may facilitate early implementation of preventative strategies, thereby prolonging athletic performance and long-term health of the joint beyond playing career.”

— Dr. Steve McNally, Head of Football Medicine and Science, Manchester United, Manchester, United Kingdom

Advanced Ultrasound

Canon offers a suite of innovative ultrasound systems and unique transducers that help teams provide accurate, fast diagnoses. These systems enhance rehab, prepare players to confidently return to the field and help avoid possible reinjury, including:

  • Ultra-High Frequency Imaging. Enables visualization of superficial structures and dynamic muscle movements with great detail in real time using ultra-high Frequency Matrix Technology.
  • Combining photographs with imaging. Gain a clear understanding of both the physical and imaging characteristics.
  • Reference imaging. Visualize the timeline of an injury through a side-by-side comparison of the previous vs. today’s exam.

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Marilyn Adams Clinical Example
Advanced Software Solutions

Advanced Software Solutions

Elite athletes require the most advanced technologies to meet their needs for reaching and maintaining peak performance. Canon Medical’s advanced software platforms deliver power and precision across the spectrum of an athlete’s needs.

  • Vitrea Advanced Visualization Software. Facilitates improved clinical outcomes with powerful applications, streamlined partner integrations and clinical solutions; creates workflows tailored to each athlete’s specific needs.
  • Vitrea Global Illumination. Revolutionary 3D/4D rendering technique helps provide a more photorealistic view of human anatomy that can be shared with clinicians, trainers and athletes and integrated into routine clinical image workflow.
  • Vitrea Image Sharing. Helps automate the process for outside image ingestion, allowing clinicians fast access to outside images within their current workflow.

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