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Vitrea® Advanced Visualization

Version 7

As part of the Vitrea Vision family of products, Vitrea Advanced Visualization elevates the reading experience with embedded advanced visualization applications, providing premier tools to aid in diagnosis.

Global Illumination, a new, photorealistic 3D/4D rendering technique, is available in existing Vitrea Advanced Visualization workflows.

Vitrea Advanced Visualization

Intuitive Design

Intuitive user interface with a dark color scheme designed for viewing in the reading room.

Clinical Outcomes

Facilitates improved clinical outcomes with powerful clinical workflow applications seamlessly integrated into Vitrea Advanced

Improved Workflow

Increased efficiency with consistent user protocols and experience across all modalities.

IT Efficiency

Easy-to-deploy, thinclient solution does not require specialized software to reside on client computers.

Vitrea is a registered mark in the US and may have protection in other countries.

Global Illumination Rendering

Setting the new standard in visualization Global Illumination is a new revolutionary 3D/4D rendering technique to help provide a more photorealistic view of human anatomy.

Learn more about Global Illumination rendering

Global Illumination Rendering

Pure Innovation

Position yourself at the forefront of your industry with new cutting-edge, real-time photorealistic rendering techniques

Smart Collaboration

Share findings more easily with both MDTs and your patients, thanks to outstanding photorealistic images

Intelligent Integration

Integrate photorealistic images in clinical workflows for unprecedented time and costefficiency

Global Illumination is 510(k) approved for clinical use.

Deep Learning Spectral

A fully integrated end-to-end spectral workflow

The Aquilion ONE / PRISM Edition combines a 16 cm volume spectral scanner with advanced deep learning reconstruction technology to enable the automatic reconstruction of monochromatic images, material-specific reconstructions, and iodine maps.

Images can be delivered directly to your reading station, and with our range of new Vitrea™ applications, you can easily analyze comprehensive spectral data, including quantification and multi-layered images for a more detailed and confident diagnosis.

Discover Spectral

70 keV virtual monochromatic images with iodine mapping
Vitrea Advanced Visualization

CT Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement—TAVR

Setting the new standard in visualization Global Illumination is a new revolutionary 3D/4D rendering technique to help provide a more photorealistic view of human anatomy.

CT Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement
Vitrea Advanced Visualization

Electronic Colon Cleansing

Included with CT Colon Analysis

Automatic fluid/stool tagging with subtraction.

Electronic Colon Cleansing
Vitrea Advanced Visualization

Ground Glass Opacity (GGO)

Included with CT Lung Analysis

Single-click lung nodule segmentation tools to include ground glass opacity (GGO) nodules.

Ground Glass Opacity (GGO)
New Partner Integration

4DM Powered by INVIA

4DM is integrated into Vitrea Advanced Visualization and is state-of-the-art software for cardiovascular quantification, image review and reporting of SPECT and PET patient studies. Medical professionals worldwide use 4DM to assist with their interpretations for optimal patient care.

4DM delivers advanced processing algorithms, precise co-registration and reproducible quantification and image displays.

4DM is owned and manufactured by INVIA.

4DM Powered by INVIA
New Partner Integration

Mirada Nuclear Medicine

Mirada Nuclear Medicine (NM) Workflows is integrated into Vitrea Advanced Visualization. Flexible display protocols and workflows allow quick and easy reading of nuclear medicine studies. Time Activity Curves (TACs) and statistics are calculated as the data is loaded and updated in real time as ROIs are edited. Quantitative results can be saved for editing and review, allowing convenient time saving access. This vendor neutral application is intended to improve efficiency on a departmental level.

Mirada Nuclear Medicine is vendor neutral software and allows data from different scanners to be read using the same display format and protocols. It provides an unlimited number of configurable workflows for reading planar static and dynamic NM data, including Renal Gastric Emptying, Bone, Lung and Gallbladder Ejection Fraction (EF) studies.

Mirada Nuclear Medicine is owned and manufactured by Mirada Medical.

Mirada Nuclear Medicine
New Partner Integration

Mirada RTx

Mirada RTx is integrated into Vitrea Advanced Visualization and provides software tools for radiation therapy treatment planning that bring new levels of functionality, speed and accuracy to the planning process. Mirada RTx is powered by proven, industry-leading, deformable registration algorithms. Mirada RTx provides easy-to-use tools that support your current workflow regardless of the type of data and treatment planning system.

Mirada software works seamlessly with any treatment planning system, scanner vendor or PACS.

Mirada Mirada RTx is owned and manufactured by Mirada Medical.

Mirada RTx

Multi-Modality Image

Image sharing is not just about moving images. It's about enabling access to view all images, regardless of their origin. Clinicians need real-time data access. But data, clinicians and patients are constantly in motion. And images acquired at one facility ultimately need to be viewed at another.

Current solutions for image sharing are widely adopted but still leave a gap. Whether outside images reside on physical media such as CD/DVD or are stored within another PACS, VNA or image sharing system, there remain labor-intensive and error-prone manual processes to get the outside images into your existing PACS, VNA or other data-management solution.

Vitrea Image Sharing Solution
Our Image Sharing solution seamlessly integrates to current systems. Built on a truly content-agnostic architecture, it closes the gap, automating and unifying manual processes of getting outside images into your primary clinical systems and workflows.

Modular and configurable services address a variety of workflows:

  • Image upload
  • Patient matching
  • Data reconciliation
  • Enterprise-wide prefetch
  • Identification of all relevant priors across multiple source archives
  • Image view and download from EMR, portal or secure URL
  • PowerShare and lifeIMAGE integration

Our solution closes the gap and completes the image sharing workflow, benefiting the department, the enterprise and ultimately the patient.

Increased Efficiency

  • Streamlines and decentralizes image upload processes
  • Minimizes training through automation, intuitive interfaces and existing system use

Reduced Costs

  • Optimize use of existing systems, including lifeIMAGE and PowerShare
  • Value-based payment model promotes integrated image sharing over pay-per-use models

Improved Decision Making and Collaboration

  • Improve time-to-image availability
  • Unlock prior study access by aggregating all disparate imaging data
  • Receive contextualized information in real time

Enhanced Patient Experience

  • Reduce repeat imaging
  • Provide data access for patients
Vitrea Intelligence

Practice Management

Practice Management offers many benefits from operational, clinical and IT perspectives alike.

The Practice Management module makes running your imaging business easier by allowing you to make informed business decisions. We reveal the information you need to strategically manage your organization, as well as your referring physician base and help you enhance your exam revenue stream.

Practice Management

Operational Perspective

  • Understand imaging practice with on-demand reporting for all modality types
  • Gain integrated view into operational, financial and clinical data in real time
  • Manage performance with the KPI dashboard
  • Modality manufacturer and model number from DICOM as attributes to better manage fleet of imaging systems

Clinical Perspective

  • Manage and optimize modality throughput
  • Visualize patient waits in real time
  • Better manage sites, departments and resources
  • Create metrics for reporting on CT radiation dose-tracking initiatives across the imaging practice
  • CT Dose Estimates Parsed From RDSR
    • View calculated CTDIvol (computed radiation dose estimates) from radiation dose structured reports (RDSR) from CT exams
    • View calculated dose length product (DLP) radiation dose estimates from RDSR from CT exams
  • CTDI and DLP procedure level values: Access data sourced from DICOM to store aggregate radiation dose values at the exam/procedure level for CTDI and DLP via KPI Dashboard and on-demand reporting applications

IT Perspective

  • Easy end-user interaction with data visualization
  • Frees IT resources from report-generation tasks with user access to data
  • Standard communication protocols such as HL7 and DICOM
  • Support enterprise data warehouse integration
  • Scalable solution that grows with your organization
Vitrea Intelligence

Opportunity Navigator

This financial analytics solution will present you with a menu of available financial "opportunities" and continuously direct you toward specific actions to increase revenues or avoid costs.

With Opportunity Navigator's powerful recommendation engine, you will always have actionable information at your fingertips to achieve your financial objectives and organizational goals.

Opportunity Navigator

Operational Benefits

  • Proactively identify revenue and cost-saving opportunities
  • Receive customized data to support achievement of revenue targets
  • Offer users self-service access to operational and financial data
  • Analyze resources impacting business performance

Clinical Benefits

  • Manage and optimize modality throughput
  • Reduce variation in exam performance
  • Identify opportunities to standardize clinical workflow
  • Improve operations associated with specific ICD-10 diagnostic codes

IT Benefits

  • Enable easy end-user interaction with data visualization
  • Free IT resources from report-generation tasks
  • Leverage standard communications protocols such as HL7 and DICOM
  • Support enterprise data warehouse integration
  • Acquire a scalable solution that grows with your organization

Vitrea is a registered mark in the US and may have protection in other countries.