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Interventional Cardiology

The Adult Interventional Cardiovascular clinical segment is driven by both an aging population and the fact that obesity continues to increase in the U.S.

Canon Medical Systems offers dose management imaging technologies and advanced imaging such as multi-modality fusion, provides additional views of the vascular anatomy to aid clinicians during interventional procedures.

Alphenix Core+

System Options

Flexible Configurations to Address Your Clinical Needs

Developed in collaboration with leading clinicians, Alphenix offers a range of C-arm positioners designed to offer unprecedented access to your patient.


See it all, have it all with the Hi Definition (Hi-Def) Detector1

This novel technology has enabled clinicians to transform their neuro endovascular therapy in past years and is now bringing those same innovative High-Definition modes to cardiac and peripheral endovascular therapies. Our expanded Hi-Def technology is now available for interventional cardiology use with the 12 x 12" flat panel detector.

Enhanced Visualization

Interventional Cardiology with Hi-Def View Study
Alphenix True Hi-Def Detector


Spot ROI4

Real-time Picture-In-Picture. See More of Interest, With Less Exposure. Prioritize safe operating conditions for patients and clinical staff.

During device placement visualization not only of the device, but also the surrounding anatomy is critical for success. Spot ROI provides dose reduction outside of the region of interest, while still allowing visualization of the surrounding anatomy utilizing an X-ray attenuation filter.

Dose Management


Dynamic Device Stabilizer (DDS)

  • Trained with deep learning technology, DDS improves visualization of markers that move in response to cardiac motion, by always displaying them at the center of the monitor
  • Magnify and stabilize the image on a separate screen to assist stent visualization and assessment
  • Automatic seamless display of live, reference and stent-enhanced images to aid in smooth procedures
  • Works in both Fluoroscopy and DA modes
Dynamic Device Stabilizer

The clinical results, performance and views described in this video are the experience of the clinicians. Results may vary due to clinical setting, patient presentation and other factors. . Many factors could cause the actual results and performance of Canon Medical’s product to be materially different from any of the aforementioned.


Enhanced workflow to give you greater control and flexibility

The tableside Alphenix Tablet gives you control right at your fingertips to deliver a fast, seamless, and rich work experience.

Alphenix Tablet


Enhanced visualization during interventional procedures

An improved imaging chain with the latest hardware and software technologies provide you with fast and assured visualization. Superimpose 3D volume data on the live fluoro display to provide additional views of the vascular anatomy to aid clinicians during interventional procedures.

TAR Fluoro Fusion


Navigate with confidence and accuracy

Alphenix’s improved imaging chain, including Illuvis noise reduction technology, provides clean, sharp, defined images during stent placement or ablation procedures.

Illuvis noise reduction technology
Clinical Example

1 The True High Definition detector is only available as an option on the following systems: Alphenix Core + with 12"x12" and 12"x16" flat panel detectors, Alphenix Biplane with 12"x12" and 12"x16" flat panel detectors, Alphenix Sky with 12"x12" flat panel detector, Alphenix Sky + with 12"x16" flat panel detector and Alphenix 4D CT Sky + Aquilion ONE / GENESIS Edition with 12"x16" flat panel detector.
4Spot ROI is a hardware option that is only available on Alphenix Core+, Alphenix Biplane, Alphenix Sky with 12”x12” flat panel detector with Hi-Def, and Alphenix Sky+ with 12”x16” flat panel detector with Hi-Def. Spot ROI can cannot be utilized on FOV larger than 12”.