Vantage Orian / Encore Upgrade
Vantage Orian / Encore Upgrade

Vantage Orian / Encore Upgrade

Upgrading your existing Canon Medical MRI system to Vantage Orian will allow your facility to enjoy a new level of productivity, patient comfort and clinical confidence, boosted by deep learning based noise removal* and scan accelerating compressed sensing technology*

AiCE Integrated Intelligence | Compressed SPEEDER


Applicable to a range of Canon 1.5T models:

The Vantage Orian Encore program offers EXCELART Vantage, Vantage Atlas, and Vantage Titan customers with older Vantage systems exceptional value by upgrading these legacy systems to the Vantage Orian platform while keeping the magnet in place and reducing downtime and construction costs.

EXCELART Vantage, EXCELART Vantage Powered by Atlas, Vantage Titan 1st Generation, Vantage Titan 2nd, 3rd Generation

Why upgrade to Vantage Orian?

Reduce construction cost and time

Keep your magnet to reduce construction cost and time

New digital platform utilizing Deep Learning and Compressed Sensing technology

Move to a new digital platform utilizing Deep Learning and Compressed Sensing technology

New intelligent monitor and optional dockable table

Get the new intelligent monitor and optional dockable table to save valuable set-up time

Reduce hospital downtime

Reduce hospital downtime compared to replacing the entire system

The easy upgrade process:

Keep your magnet in place and remove old technology. > Install new Vantage Orian technology. > Experience Vantage Orian's enhanced workflow and outstanding scan technology.

Transition to the latest 1.5T MR technology with minimal downtime

Vantage Orian is designed to increase productivity and lower running costs, ensure patient comfort and deliver clinical confidence.


Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE) intelligently removes noise from images which results in higher SNR* and enables increased resolution. Achieve sharp, clear and distinct images utilizing the power of Deep Learning, allowing you to see through the noise.

Learn more about AiCE

*AiCE provides higher SNR compared to typical low pass filters

High Productivity

  • Now with Compressed SPEEDER, rapid scan technologies reduce scan time
  • Dockable Table, automated Auto Scan Assist and ForeSee View improve workflow
  • Small footprint and low energy consumption minimizes operational costs

High Productivity

Patient Comfort

  • MR Theater helps relax patients with a virtual immersive experience
  • Pianissimo technology delivers whisper quiet scanning
  • Short magnet and 71 cm wide bore offers an open MRI scanning environment

Patient Comfort

Clinical Confidence

  • High resolution imaging with Saturn Technology
  • Consistent imaging performance with PURERF
  • Outstanding diffusion imaging with Gmax of 45 mT/m and SR 200 T/m/sec
  • Advanced diagnosis with Olea / Vitrea

Clinical Confidence

Vantage Orian Clinical gallery

Experience examples of imaging that can be enjoyed when upgrading the Vantage Orian with our Encore program.

Clinical Gallery

Compressed SPEEDER

Accelerate your workflow

Shorten individual MRI sequences as well as entire MRI examinations.

Compressed SPEEDER is a new imaging technique that can accelerate scan times across the whole body. This unique imaging approach enables high-speed imaging up to 2.5X times current scan speeds while supporting diagnostic image performance.

Compressed SPEEDER

UTE (Ultra Short TE)

Allows clinicians to capture images in tissues that generally disappear too quickly for accurate MR imaging. This enables imaging of anatomy such as the lungs, helping providers obtain information to diagnose and treat their patients.

UTE (Ultra Short TE)

Quick Star free breathing

Quick Star free breathing and motion reduction can be helpful for challenging patients that have difficulty holding their breath, especially for liver examinations or uncooperative patients like pediatrics.

Quick Star