Aquilion Lightning CT 80 Slice Scanner Low Cost of Ownership
Aquilion Lightning

80 detector row Ultra Helical CT

Trusted Performance. Smart Investment.

Trusted Performance.
Smart Investment.

Are you looking for a CT scanner that helps provide better care and safer imaging in a compact, affordable package? The Aquilion Lightning is an 80 detector row scanner that delivers.

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Aquilion Lightning 80

The system is designed to operate reliably and efficiently, producing high-quality images that help speed up diagnosis and treatment in a busy environment.

*Option **With small couch

Aquilion Lightning can be configured and in field upgraded from 40-80-160* slices.

Scalable Technology

Aquilion Lightning 80 Scalable Technology

*coneXact double slice technology

PUREVISION Detector Technology

0.5 mm elements deliver isotropic images in all planes, 20% thinner compared to 0.625 detector elements.

PUREVISION Detector Technology

Aquilion Lightning PUREVISION Detector Technology

Clinical Gallery

Whole Aorta CTA

Patient History
This 64-year-old man presented to the ER with a suspected abdominal aortic aneurysm. A CT scan of the thoracic and abdominal aorta was performed.

SUREStart Bolus Timing, Ultra Helical 0.5 mm x 80, CTDI 8.0 mGy, 7.99 mSv (k=0.0145)

Clinical Gallery

Canon Medical Systems Aquilion Lightning CT Scanner

Adaptive Diagnostics

Innovative solutions unique to Canon Medical Systems to solve clinical challenges. Simplified workflow with consistent quality results.

Aquilion Lightning Adaptive Diagnostics

Adaptive Diagnostics Technology

Aquilion Lightning Adaptive Diagnostics