Aquilion Lightning CT 80 Slice Scanner Low Cost of Ownership
Aquilion Lightning

Trusted Performance. Smart Investment.

Trusted Performance.
Smart Investment.

Are you looking for a CT scanner that helps provide better care and safer imaging in a compact, affordable package? The Aquilion Lightning is an 80 detector row scanner that delivers.

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Aquilion Lightning 80

A better balance between image quality and dose for most patients.

Enable Confident Diagnosis

Key Benefits:

  • Sharp, clear and distinct images, enabled by Deep Learning Reconstruction
  • Shifting from 64 to 80 detector rows with up to 160¹ slices with the Aquilion Lightning 80 results in shorter scan times and higher quality imaging.
  • Simple and streamlined CT Fluoroscopy.

Featured Innovations:

¹coneXact double slice technology

Aquilion Lightning Enable Confident Diagnosis

Intelligent technology focused on patient safety.

Enhance Care Experience

Key Benefits:

  • The spacious 78 cm wide bore and 47 cm wide patient couch allow comfortable scanning for large patients.
  • Safety and comfort for positioning patients at the push of a button.
  • The couch top can be lowered to a minimum height of about 1 foot from the floor for facilitating patient loading and transfer from a wheelchair or bed.

Featured Innovations:

Aquilion Lightning Enhance Care Experience

Economize on space, not on performance.

Lower Cost of Care

Key Benefits:

  • Flexibility with innovative technology, help lowering your total cost of ownership.
  • Small air-cooled footprint allows installation in tight rooms, maximizing existing layouts and workspace.
  • Adaptive power management technologies, helping you to decrease energy consumption.

Featured Innovations:

Aquilion Lightning Lower Cost of Care