Canon Service Agreements
For product service call our 24-hour ASSIST operators at (800) 521-1968. 5AM–5PM, PST Monday–Friday.

Full Service Agreements

InTouch Full Security

A perfect blend of security and flexibility.

Canon Medical Systems’ full service agreements can be the ideal solution, providing a perfect blend of security and flexibility.

InTouch Full Security

Full Protection for Your System

  • Risk-free, fixed-price service support for your peace of mind
  • Performance guarantees maximum system availability

Flexibility by Choice

  • Flexible hours of coverage, so you are covered during your hours of operation
  • Service Solutions with customizable coverage and entitlements for your unique equipment needs

Unmatched Technical Support

  • Rapid phone response and on-site service to maximize equipment availability
  • InnerVision® Plus remote diagnostics service monitors your system proactively

Full Service Agreements

InTouch In-House Support

Utilizing your internal clinical engineering resources with full security.

Canon Medical Systems' In-House agreement provides full security on your systems while utilizing internal clinical engineering resources you have to achieve cost effectiveness and efficiency.

InTouch In-House Support

Full Protection for Your System

  • Risk-free, fixed-price service support for your peace of mind
  • Access to Canon Medical Systems support 24/7

Cost Effectiveness

  • Receive a cost reduction with the Bio Med first call
  • Direct control over system uptime

Training Your Engineers Like Ours

  • Clinical engineering training course curriculum identical to Canon Medical Systems customer engineer training
  • Diagnostic licensing keys included at no additional charge for Canon Medical Systems-trained customer clinical engineers

Partnership Agreement

InTouch Partnership

The ideal choice for collaborative service with clinical engineering.

Canon Medical Systems' Partnership agreements can be the ideal choice for customized service solutions for clinical engineering that fits your budget and your needs.

InTouch Partnership

Budget and Performance Protection

  • Shared-risk solution allows you to adjust service levels to optimize patient care while controlling service costs
  • Customize your plan with a range of value-added discount options

Support Made Simple

  • Get immediate access to applications and technical support through the InTouch™ Center
  • Minimize downtime and expedite repair with InnerVision® Plus remote diagnostics

Strategic Flexible Agreement

InTouch Flex Service

Strategic agreement—special terms, specially delivered.

Canon Medical Systems' InTouch™ Flex Agreement provides the highest level of customer service in our industry. Flex is our greatest value service solution.

InTouch Flex Service

Unprecedented Flexibility

  • Convert your service agreement back and forth between a full service agreement and a partnership agreement
  • Manage your service plan based on your changing service needs

Price Protection

  • Locked-in and fixed pricing for any and all coverage and entitlement options at the point of purchase for the duration of your agreement

Cost Effective Service

  • Modify service agreement on agreement anniversary date based on risk and/or changes in your business throughout your equipment lifecycle
  • Utilize your in-house staff effectively

Preventative Maintenance Agreement

InTouch PM Only

Essential coverage with maximum flexibility.

Preventative maintenance coverage to help you comply with the manufacturer’s specifications.

InTouch PM Only

Required Compliance

  • Proactively scheduled PMs to maintain performance while maintaining compliance status

Low Financial Commitment

  • Preventative maintenance coverage to Canon Medical Systems' specification at a discounted PM only rate
  • Receive a discount on any necessary parts and related labor identified during the PM

Strategic IDN Service Solution

MSA & Asset Management

True customizable service agreement for your service needs.

Master Service Agreement (MSA)

Canon Medical Systems MSA offering includes multiple Canon Medical Systems systems bundled together providing standardization and maximum value. MSAs can include one service agreement model, or the entire service solutions portfolio of models, and typically provides flexibility to move from service agreement model to model based on customer dynamics throughout the term. MSA templates allow for easy adds and deletes of systems that minimize customer's administrative burdens.

Asset Management

Canon Medical Systems' InTouch Asset Management solution is Canon Medical Systems' unique approach to high quality service delivery at the most cost-effective pricing on both Canon Medical Systems' systems, as well as the customers' non-Canon Medical Systems systems. Canon Medical Systems uses its award winning service management team and tools to manage multiple systems, radiology departments, entire hospital's clinical systems, and even IDN-wide healthcare networks.

MSA & Asset Management