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Image Resolution for Tomorrow's Interventions.

The Alphenix system builds on a legacy of unprecedented patient access, system flexibility and integration. The Alphenix incorporates innovative technology to deliver images with clarity and precision.

Alphenix 4D CT

Premium Angio and CT combined

Alphenix 4D CT seamlessly integrates our flexible Alphenix interventional system with the advanced Aquilion CT imaging suite into one versatile solution. No need to transfer the patient between rooms to confirm procedural success. The Alphenix 4D CT enables smooth and fast switching between CT and Angio during complex interventional procedures.

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Alphenix 4D CT

Unparalleled Flexibility

Advanced Mechanical Flexibility

The Alphenix C-arm is designed to move around you and your patient so procedures can be performed comfortably, safely, and efficiently.

HD 76

Refine and Redefine Intervention

Using High-Definition (Hi-Def) Technology, the world's first 12 × 12" and 12 × 16" True Hi-Def Detector1 by Canon Medical Systems. More than twice the spatial resolution2 of conventional flat panel detectors, the Hi-Def Detector visualizes fine details with the ability to facilitate interventional procedures.

HD 76
Standard FPD vs True High Definition with 76 Microns

Clinical Examples3

Interventional Neuro: HD 76 Clinical Examples

Interventional Neuro

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Interventional Cardiology: HD 76 Clinical Examples

Interventional Cardiology

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Interventional Oncology/Radiology: HD 76 Clinical Examples

Interventional Oncology/Radiology

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Spot ROI4

Real-time picture-in-picture. See beyond region of interest, with less exposure.
Prioritize safe operating conditions for patients and clinical staff.

Device placement visualization does not always require full irradiation of the entire field-of-view. Spot ROI allows the user to greatly reduce the exposure to the peripheral region utilizing an X-Ray attenuation filter without compromising image quality within the area of interest.

  • Intended to reduce the exposure dose while accommodating peripheral region visualization
  • Fixed square shape, adjusting its size in proportion to field-of-view collimation
  • Positioned anywhere on the monitor
  • Available for Fluoroscopy and DA

The ROI position can be moved up/down and right/left using this joy-stick button.

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Alphenix Series

The Alphenix family of interventional systems deliver images with clarity and precision. Combined with innovative dose optimization technologies, enhanced workflow and features, Alphenix continues Canon Medical's commitment to supporting you and your mission to provide patients with safe, accurate and fast imaging.

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Alphenix Series

Enhanced Workflow

Streamlined workflow and unprecedented range of patient access and coverage.

  • Control at your fingertips. The tableside Alphenix tablet delivers a fast, seamless and rich work experience.
  • The Alphenix Workstation seamlessly integrates applications to help you plan, analyze and perform interventional procedures.
Alphenix Tablet

Maximized Image Quality

True High Definition Detector1


Enhanced Visualization

  • The World's First True High Definition Detector1 with 76 micron pixel with more than twice the spatial resolution2 of conventional flat panel detectors, to visualize fine details.

Enhanced Workflow

  • No time loss- ONE button push allows the operator to switch between conventional and high definition FOVs.

Enhanced Dose Performance

Treatment of Cerebrovascular Disease View Study
Complex Interventional Cardiology Procedures View Study

Dose Management

Industry-leading dose optimization technologies.

Canon Medical Systems' dose management innovations focus on four fundamental areas of system performance—time, distance, shielding and technology—while maintaining image quality.

Dose Management
Canon Medical Systems Stroke & Vascular Research Center

Canon Medical Systems Stroke & Vascular Research Center

A multidisciplinary cooperation and partnership.

Given its complex nature, stroke therapy research demands a truly multidisciplinary approach. Recognizing this need for collaboration in stroke research, UBNS chairman and pioneering neurosurgeon, L.N. Hopkins, M.D., co-founded University at Buffalo's Canon Medical Systems Stroke & Vascular Research Center in 1997. Today, the center still stands as a quintessential example of multidisciplinary cooperation and partnership.

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The World's First True High Definition Detector

The World's First True High Definition Detector

“All those things which the device does that were impossible to see with conventional flat panel detectors become overly abundant3.”

Adnan Siddiqui MD, PhD, FAHA,
Vice-Chairman and Professor of Neurosurgery
SUNY University at Buffalo
Director, Neurosurgical Stroke Services, Kalieda Health
Chief Medical Officer, Jacobs Institute

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1 The True High Definition detector is only available as an option on the following systems: Alphenix Core + with 12"x12" and 12"x16" flat panel detectors, Alphenix Biplane with 12"x12" and 12"x16" flat panel detectors, Alphenix Sky with 12"x12" flat panel detector, Alphenix Sky + with 12"x16" flat panel detector and Alphenix 4D CT Sky + Aquilion ONE / GENESIS Edition with 12"x16" flat panel detector.
2 Documented testing has demonstrated imaging capabilities with up to 2.5x greater resolution.
3 The clinical results, performance and views described in the video are the experience of the clinician. Results may vary due to clinical setting, patient presentation and other factors. Many factors could cause the actual results and performance of Canon Medical’s product to be materially different from any of the aforementioned.
4Spot ROI is a hardware option that is only available on Alphenix Core+, Alphenix Biplane, Alphenix Sky with 12”x12” flat panel detector with Hi-Def, and Alphenix Sky+ with 12”x16” flat panel detector with Hi-Def. Spot ROI can cannot be utilized on FOV larger than 12”.