Alphenix Interventional Systems

Next-generation of Interventional Systems.

Angiography CT

Alphenix 4D CT seamlessly integrates our flexible Alphenix interventional system with the advanced Aquilion CT imaging suite into one versatile solution.

Alphenix 4D CT

System Options

Flexible Configurations to Address Your Clinical Needs

Developed in collaboration with leading clinicians.

Alphenix Sky + with Aquilion ONE GENESIS

Alphenix 4D CT Sky + with Aquilion ONE GENESIS

Alphenix 4D CT Sky with Aquilion Prime SP

Alphenix 4D CT Sky with Aquilion Prime SP


The Freedom to Move with Your Workflow

Alphenix’s ceiling-mounted C-arm offers an unprecedented range of movement, allowing you to position the C-arm to suit your workflow. It’s unique lateral fingertip-to-fingertip coverage aids transradial procedures. With the CT gantry fully parked the C-arm provides fast head-to-toe access from any position. When both the CT gantry and C-arm are parked, you have 360-degree access to the table when you need it.

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Alphenix 4D CT


Outstanding image quality with advanced dose management

Aquilion ONE's wide-area detector technology can acquire 16 cm coverage in a single split-second rotation. High-quality morphological and functional imaging may help support your treatment workflow allowing you, for example, to position devices and needles accurately or quickly verify response to a procedure.

Clinical Example


Comprehensive dose management

DoseRite technologies provide a comprehensive dose management suite of tools designed to help you minimize patient X-ray exposure while maintaining optimum image quality, enabling you to prioritize safe operating conditions for patients and clinical staff.

Dose Management

Angiography CT


Working in tandem with high-speed C-arm acquisition, high-resolution detectors and a high-powered workstation, advanced and exclusive Alphenix software applications achieve the highest image quality at the lowest possible dose.

Cerebral Artery Analysis (CAA)

This application is intended to facilitate the extraction and segmentation of user identified aneurysms on the cerebral arteries from cerebral angiography data, allowing morphological characteristics to be assessed.

Cerebral Artery Analysis (CAA)

Cerebral Artery Analysis

Volumetric CT Fluoro*

Perform more efficient CT interventional procedures

Axial, coronal, sagittal and oblique reference are used for optimal interventional guidance plan.

Volumetric CT Fluoro

"The development of true 3D fluoroscopy on the Aquilion ONE has brought real clinical benefits for tackling even the most challenging biopsy procedures."

Prof. Dr. Elmar Kotter, Department of Diagnostic Radiology, University Hospital Freiburg
Prof. Dr. Mathias Langer, Medical Director of the Department of Diagnostic Radiology, University Hospital Freiburg

*Available on Aquilion ONE GENESIS, Aquilion ONE ViSION and Aquilion Prime SP

Volumetric CT Fluoro

Embolization Plan

Rapid tumor and feeder vessel extraction

  • Identify and extract up to ten tumors and associated feeder vessels using the Alphenix Workstation
  • Utilize CTA or Alpha CT datasets
  • Overlay with Fluoro utilizing 3D Roadmap (Alpha CT) or Multi-Modality Fusion (CTA)

Needle Guidance

CT or XA Datasets

Needle guidance function enables positioning of the C-arm to the optimum viewing position and display of a puncture guide line for assistance.

Needle Guidance

Needle Guidance


CT and Angiography without moving the patient improves workflow.

The unique SUREGuidance feature in Canon Medical Systems Alphenix 4D CT system provides a fast and accurate position linkage means of centralizing the target exposure area between CT and Angiography.

The CT gantry, Angiographic C-arm and table moves automatically to do the rest, improving workflow and saving procedure time.



Stroke Triage in Under 5 Minutes

Volumetric Whole Brain Perfusion¹

The entire study can be acquired in 60 seconds and with Vitrea's automatic processing applications perfusion maps and CT DSA information will be ready to review in 4.5 minutes from anywhere in your network.

Volumetric Whole Brain Perfusion

¹Alphenix 4DCT Aquilion ONE Genesis SP

Volumetric Whole Brain Perfusion