Making CT safer for all patients.


  • More efficient use of X-rays
  • 0.5 mm slice resolution
  • 40% better light output
  • Maximizing Canon Medical Systems' ceramics expertise with a detector cut from a solid ingot using mircoblade cutting technology to minimize imperfections and maximize quantum efficiency
Micro-Blade Cutting Technology PURE ViSION Detector

Micro-Blade Cutting Technology

True 0.5mm resolution

Miniaturized Integrated Circuit PURE ViSION Detector

Miniaturized Integrated Circuit

50% reduction in size

Optimal Transmission of Light PURE ViSION Detector

Optimal Transmission of Light

High reflection coefficient material

Upgrade Path

  • Canon Medical Systems will make PUREViSION technology available on all new CT systems
  • Canon Medical Systems will offer its installed based customers an upgrade path to PUREViSION technology