Canon Medical Systems History of Innovation

Pioneering Technology

From the Telegraph to Computed Tomographic Systems: A History of Innovation

1875 Hisashige Tanaka opened a telegraph equipment factory in Shimbashi, Tokyo.
1890 Ichisuke Fujioka and Shoichi Miyoshi established Hakunetsu-sha & Co., Ltd. in Kyobashi, Tokyo. Manufactured Japan's first electric incandescent light bulbs.
1915 Manufactured Japan's first X-ray tubes.
1936 First radio broadcast transmitter is created.
1954 First digital computer is invented.
1968 Developed a 100,000 gauss superconducting magnet, the most powerful in Japan.
1983 Developed Japan's first Magnetic Resonance Imaging systems (MRI).
1985 Developed superconducting MRI systems.
1995 Created the first DVD.
1998 First quiet MRI with the Vantage MR System.
1999 First 0.5 mm multislice CT is designed.
2001 First DVD recorder is introduced.
2005 World's fastest elevator is built.
2005 Achieved cumulative sales of 40 million Notebook PCs.
2007 Developed 320-row Dynamic Volume CT system that can capture complete images of the heart or brain in only one rotation.
2009 Released the CELL REGZA 55X1, the world's first LCD TV integrating the Cell Broadband Engine™.
2010 3-D, glasses-free television is created.
2010 Released AIDR, an image-enhancing software for Aquilion™ Premium Edition and Aquilion™ ONE, designed to reduce dose requirements.
2011 Toshiba Tablet, powered by Android™ is introduced.
2011 Industry's first 3D ultrasound volume rendering.
2012 2nd generation dynamic volume 640 slice CT scanner.
2014 Toshiba's first combined Aquilion™ Prime CT and Infinix™ IR Room.
2014 The first large 90 cm bore PET/CT scanner.
2016 Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation Acquired by Canon Inc.
2018 Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation announces name change to Canon Medical Systems Corporation