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Ordering parts from Canon

When it comes to Canon parts—who better to purchase them from than from Canon? Especially when it comes to critical parts such as CT tubes, you want to have peace of mind that you are purchasing not only a cost-effective but a reliable solution.

With Canon, you can count on receiving expeditious service and high-quality parts. As an original equipment manufacturer, you can rest assured that we have the right part for your Canon Medical equipment available—backed by our parts warranty.

Ordering parts from Canon

Medical Marketplace

Ordering parts has become even easier through Medical Marketplace

Canon’s Medical Marketplace provides an online shopping experience where you can explore our parts inventory at your convenience. Through Canon’s ecommerce parts ordering platform you can experience additional cost savings, increased convenience, and 24/7 parts ordering access.

Take advantage of our special online pricing discounts.

For any order placed online, you will receive the part at 5% discount off list pricing.

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750D CT Tube Promo

One of our most popular tubes is the CXB 750D CT Tube. If you are considering a replacement tube, Canon is able to provide you with the service and warranty that best suits your specific needs. We offer unsurpassed service and superior tube quality to ensure you have the longevity you are seeking for your CT equipment. We have a variety of selections available, contact us today to take advantage of our special 750D CT Tube Promo—we are here to assist!

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Aquilion ONE / GENESIS

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Canon provides you 24/7 US-based dispatch of parts as needed to get you up and running quickly.
Same day parts delivery is available from 41 parts depots across the country.

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Things break, and when they do, you need a partner to get things fixed quickly, to minimize the impact on your operations, and provide greater uptime.

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Canon Medical System has earned numerous IMV awards for top system and service performance in 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 according to IMV's ServiceTrak survey results.

The award in each category is given to imaging system providers that receive the highest percentage of highly satisfied customer responses.

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