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AI based Deep Learning Reconstruction

Reduce Scan Times,
Improve Signal to Noise

Canon Medical is on the forefront of Deep Learning Reconstruction (DLR) development for medical imaging, as evident by the successful release of Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE) for CT and MR. And now, AiCE for PET is available on Cartesion Prime to help clinicians achieve PET images with improved image quality under a wide variety of imaging conditions.

AiCE yields superior performance by improving image quality and denoising PET images.

AiCE for PET Features:

  • Image Quality
    45% improved SNR1
  • Quantification Accuracy
    82.9% improvement in contrast at the same noise level1
  • Count Dependency
    75% reduction in counts while preserving SNR2
  • Preservation of Quantification
    AiCE did not change overall quantification of images compared to OSEM reconstruction

1 as compared to OSEM + Gaussian Post Filtering
2 as compared to OSEM + Gaussian Post Filtering at 100% counts or without scan duration reduction
* Based on bench test results (10 mm sphere)

Cartesion Prime

Air Cooled Digital PET/CT

Navigation is about looking at the paths laid out in front of you and choosing the one that gets you where you want to be. This means having options. Consistent with our Made for Life philosophy—solutions made to improve the lives of patients, clinicians and administrators—Canon Medical is proud to offer a new path to digital PET/CT that helps you navigate to your future.

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PET/CT Detector

Cartesion Prime: A Well-Balanced Digital PET/CT Scanner View White Paper
Cartesion Prime

AiCE for PET Clinical Examples

PET AiCE Clinical Case PET AiCE Clinical Case
PET AiCE Clinical Case PET AiCE Clinical Case

The Cartesion Prime Digital PET Detector

Chart The Right Clinical Course

Combining years of product development with the latest digital PET innovations, we've created a system that delivers exceptional image quality at high speed with accurate quantification and low dose.

Digital PET/CT

SiPM Photosensors

The use of SiPM photosensors has inspired new design choices that can impact image quality, scan times, and dose efficiencies, which all lead to better patient care. Because there are many ways to design a PET detector with SiPM, the ability of a PET detector to maximize this impact goes beyond just including SiPM. Canon Medical has designed the new Cartesion Prime Digital PET/CT detector to leverage the potential of SiPM photosensors while taking full advantage of the design of the entire PET detector from coverage to cooling.

SiPM Photosensors

Data courtesy of Steinberg Medical Imaging Center.

Optimize Performance

The Cartesion Prime Digital PET/CT offers:

  • SiPM photosensors
  • 100% SiPM Coverage
  • One-to-one SiPM to Crystal Coupling
  • 263 ps TOF resolution (typical)
  • 27 cm Axial Field of View
  • Air Cooling Technology

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Cartesion Prime

Keep Patient and Operator Care on Track

By putting both the patient and the operator at the center of every design decision, a better experience can be achieved with faster, more comfortable scans and a more streamlined workflow.

A Patient-centric Design

The Cartesion Prime PET/CT is designed to address many aspects of the patient experience that focuses on comfort during the scan process.

The scanner includes a wide 78 cm bore with a flared gantry design, as well as a wide patient couch that creates a more open and comfortable environment. With a low minimum scanner bed height patients will be able to more easily and safely navigate getting on and off the scanner bed when assistance is needed.

A Patient-centric Design

An Operator-centric Design

Cumulative radiation risks and throughput issues are among the challenges that operators face when performing imaging procedures.

Cartesion Prime incorporates a variety of functions based on technologies that were developed for the high-end Aquilion Prime SP CT scanner to significantly help reduce exposure dose to the operator.

An Operator-centric Design

Guide Your Business With Confidence

The Cartesion Prime offers the ability to site a digital PET/CT in smaller rooms and with air cooling technology. Both of these design choices can help alleviate some of the challenges found with other digital PET designs that require larger spaces and water cooling to run the scanner.

With a small, lightweight system that optimizes scan times and streamlines your workflow, you'll have everything you need to boost efficiency across every aspect of your business.

Cartesion Prime Mobile Digital PET-CT

AI-assisted digital PET-CT anywhere you need it.

Harness the power of the Cartesion Prime system wherever and whenever you need it. The design of our mobile medical equipment allows for high patient throughput, without compromising on patient safety, workflow, or image quality.

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Compact Room Design

At just 22.4 m², Cartesion Prime is space-efficient digital PET/CT system that fits in a smaller installation space and gives you more room to work in.

Compact Room Design

A first of its kind for digital PET

Air Cooling Technology

The Cartesion Prime offers air cooling technology. Traditionally this approach to cooling is more attractive for sites replacing a PET/CT that already offers air cooling or for those sites installing a new system that would not be interested in the added costs and complexity associated with water cooling.

Air Cooling Technology

Compact Room Design

A system tailored to your business's needs

Aquilion Prime SP CT

Cartesion Prime leverages Canon Medical's high-end Aquilion Prime CT to combine the most advanced technologies in PET with the premium features in CT that come standard with every scanner.

Learn more about the Aquilion Prime SP CT here

Aquilion Prime SP CT

Our premium Aquilion Prime SP CT features:

Standard features

  • Dose reduction
  • Metal artifact reduction
  • Standard workflow enhancements

Wide bore

  • 78-cm bore

Advanced hardware

  • 0.5 mm x 80 PUREViSION detector row
  • PUREViSION Optics

Advanced optional

  • Dual energy
  • Iodine mapping
  • Ability to support cardiac CT applications