AI End-to-End Workflow Automation

AI End-to-End Workflow Automation

End-to-End Workflow Automation

Drive operational efficiencies in care.

Drive operational efficiencies with automated protocol setup, automated scanner workflow, remote scan support, and zero-click post-processing to enhance patient triage.

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Vina Analytics Protocol Management*

Consistent and efficient management of protocol approval, distribution, and tracking.

Vina Analytics offers a comprehensive CT Protocol Management solution that provides protocol review, comparison, approval, distribution, and revision history tracking for Canon CT scanners to enable a simplified and standardized approach to protocol management.

  • Centralized management of protocols across Canon CTs
  • Avoid unauthorized modifications to protocols
  • Protocol analytics to evaluate dose and utilization data
  • Audit/Tracking of protocol history with change comparisons
  • Easy access with web-based architecture
Vina Analytics Circle Chart
Vina Analytics Process

*Protocol Management is available for applicable Canon CT scanners. The protocol can be shared between the scanners that have the same model and the same software version.

INSTINX — Insights Easier with Automation

AI-Assisted Total Workflow Experience

A new workflow experience and patient centric gantry design that provides easy and safe patient positioning, quick scan planning and more consistency between operators regardless of experience.

  • 40% reduction in workflow steps
  • 97%2 accuracy in scan range planning with Anatomic Landmark Detection (ALD)
  • Easy to learn operations, ready for clinical-use on day one

2 Based on an ALD evaluation of 240 3D Landmark scans (40 Head, 200 Body) 3D landmark scan data. Cases in which the relevant anatomic landmark(s) were not present (9) were excluded. 97% accuracy is based on results within +/- 1cm of target start, end, and FOV position, confirmed by two experienced CT Technologists.
3 SURESubtraction Iodine Mapping and Bone Removal.


Remote Scan Support.

RemoteAssist enhances care delivery by improving access to expertise through remote scanning assistance. By enabling virtual access to experts, RemoteAssist allows care teams to increase productivity, and provide the high-quality care across the hospital system.

  • Remotely and securely connect to your Canon CT, MR or PET/CT
  • Remotely access scan and display console
  • Audit/Tracking of sessions
  • Easy access with web-based architecture
360 Connect
RemoteAssist Process

Vitrea Advanced Visualization

Robust Suite of Advanced CT Clinical Applications.

Vitrea Advanced Visualization, can help you standardize and consolidate your radiology IT footprint, providing a comprehensive portfolio of full-powered clinical applications for 2D, 3D and 4D advanced visualization & analysis.

As a multimodality, vendor-agnostic advanced visualization solution, Vitrea is a scalable enterprise platform accessible anywhere & anytime, seamlessly integrated across modalities and clinical service lines.

  • CT Cardiac Analysis
  • CT Cardiac Functional Analysis
  • CT Multi-Chamber CFA
  • CT EP Planning
  • CT Endovascular Stent Planning
  • CT VScore™
  • CT SUREPlaque™
  • CT Myocardial Perfusion
  • CT TAVR Planning
  • CT Brain Perfusion 2D
  • CT Brain Perfusion 4D
  • CT Body Perfusion 4D
  • CT Liver Analysis
  • CT Lung Analysis
  • CT Lung Density Analysis
  • CT Visia™ Lung CAD
  • CT Colon Analysis
  • CT iCAD VeraLook® Colon CAD
  • CT/XA Cerebral Aneurysm Analysis
  • Vessel Probe
  • Vitrea Image Denoising
  • Multimodality Viewer
  • 3D Printing
  • Global Illumination
  • Subtraction Viewer
  • Auto MPR Brain
Vitrea Advanced Visualization Clinical Examples

Automation Platform*

Timely & Accurate Findings.

Automation Platform is an AI-based, zero-click solution that uses deep learning technology to streamline workflows for fast, actionable results every time.

  • App Notification & Alerts: Receive information for cases that need your attention
  • Mobile DICOM Viewer: Interactively view images & results anywhere*
  • Single Endpoint: Review images & results from different clinical AI applications within the same mobile app
Automation Platform
Automated Stroke CT Package

Automated Stroke CT Package integrates a comprehensive set of applications that automatically delivers accurate and fast clinical insights to emergency and stroke teams.

Pulmonary Embolism

Pulmonary Embolism (CINA® PE) flags patients with positive findings and allows for quick treatment with improved efficiency.

Aortic Dissection

Aortic Dissection (CINA® AD) is a triage application to accurately detect suspected positive findings of aortic dissection.

*Automation Platform / Images not intended for diagnostic purposes.