Canon Medical Systems USA CSR Policy

CSR 2022 - CSR Policy

Foreword Mr. Toshio Takiguchi, President and CEO

Canon Medical Systems Corporation continued its contributions to the health and medical care sectors in 2021.

Despite the impact of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic on our supply chain and organization, we maintained high levels of production. I am most proud of our employees who even extended their efforts to support medical professionals around the world without asking for anything in return. My gratitude goes out to them for their dedication to our Made for Life philosophy.

We continued to promote and invest in diverse work styles such as telecommuting to ensure active communication amongst ourselves and with our customers in the medical field. In addition to providing tools and access to the company’s IT infrastructure, we also focused on the mental and physical health of our employees. Human-to-human contact was one of my priorities in 2021.

I also see our environmental and other CSR related activities growing in importance. We have a solid CSR policy that has mainly been implemented at our headquarters in Japan. Going forward, we will continue to promote our CSR efforts by spreading our vision on a global scale. I will make it a personal mission to include environmental messages in my talks with subsidiaries around the world.

Toshio Takiguchi

Toshio Takiguchi, President and CEO, Canon Medical Systems Corporation

In the areas of diversity and inclusion, we made good progress overall.

Management is dedicated to providing fair opportunities and evaluations regardless of gender or background. For example, we aim to provide institutional support for child-rearing and nursing care in Japan where diversity and inclusion measures do not always lead to immediate results. I believe we are creating an environment at Canon Medical Systems Corporation where everybody can maximize their potential without being limited by gender, nationality or other personal attributes.

Having come from the Development Department years ago, I hold the planet aspect of CSR close to my heart.

Finally, we are proud to be part of the healthcare industry and strive to contribute to society through all of our business activities rather than just through special CSR activities. Based on our Made for Life philosophy, which supports the SDGs, we will continue to pursue goals that reflect our policies and contribute even more to society.

- Toshio Takiguchi, President and CEO, Canon Medical Systems Corporation

CSR Policy

Our goal is to provide medical professionals with the solutions they need to improve the health and well-being of patients across the globe.

Underpinning this goal is our Made for Life corporate philosophy, which inspires us to create technologies that provide faster, more accurate diagnoses, better treatment outcomes and enhanced patient care.

Our philosophy drives us to create a better world for everyone in line with our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Through technological innovation, partnership building and sustainable practices, we are focused on contributing to the third, eighth and thirteenth Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) shown on the left.

3 Good Health and Well Being
8 Decent Work and Economic Growth
13 Climate Action

Toward this end, our key CSR objectives for 2021-2025 are:

  1. Achieve progress in current medical treatments with the support of medical imaging.
  2. Support global initiatives with impact on local communities in the medical field.
  3. Contribute to the battle against climate change.

Materiality issues

Canon Medical Systems Corporation’s material topics, which form the basis of our CSR Policy, were identified in 2021 through extensive consultations with stakeholders including customers, employees and government authorities. By contributing to the improvement of material topics, we also contribute to several other SDGs, as shown on the right.

To determine the material issues, we took into account our stakeholders’ expectations and degree of association with our business activities:

Materiality Matrix
Material Issues and SDGs


We aim to achieve the following objectives for each material issue:

  1. 1 Creating new value and solving medical issues
    1.1 Become known in the market as a leading innovative global company in the medical field.
    1.2 Make progress in medical treatments with the support of medical imaging equipment.
  2. 2 Working together with society / contributing to the local community
    2.1 Present a unified image of a global company enriching local communities.
    2.2 Continue supporting local communities.
    2.3 Support global initiatives with impact on local communities in the medical field.
  3. 3 Active participation by and development of people from diverse backgrounds
    3.1 Aim for gender composition targets of 70% men and 30% women by the end of 2023, and 60% men and 40% women by the end of 2025.
  4. 4 Building a robust and healthy organization
    4.1 Continue improvement of occupational health and safety (OSH).
    4.2 Ensure that all employees have periodic performance reviews in 2023.
    4.3 Ensure all subsidiaries have a mechanism available for reporting ethical and equality related issues by 2023.
  5. 5 Protection and conservation of the global environment
    5.1 Contribute to the prevention of climate change.
    5.1.1 Carry out CO2 reduction activities in accordance with Canon Inc. standards in production bases with high environmental impact.
    5.1.2 Consider quantitative CO2 reduction targets in 2022 and develop activities from 2023.
    5.2 Further develop activities to recycle waste and reduce chemical substance emissions in accordance with Canon Inc. standards in production bases with high environmental impact.
    5.3 Improve water use efficiency.
    5.4 Pursue the protection and restoration of nature and its biodiversity globally.

To achieve the objectives in an efficient manner, an overall framework for an action plan was developed in 2021, including various measures and KPIs. In 2022, the official Action Plan will be ratified and communicated.

CSR Project Team


A CSR Project Team was set up at the beginning of 2021 with representatives from the environmental, human resources, marketing and facilities departments. The Sustainability Consultants from the Netherlands was invited to facilitate and provide advice on the CSR content. Representatives from all our subsidiaries were also invited to participate in a global CSR Project Group. They gathered the CSR data for 2021 using the latest version of GRI Standards from the Global Reporting Initiative. Also, central data at Canon Medical Systems Corporation Headquarters was collected.

Scope of the report

This report outlines activities conducted by Canon Medical Systems Corporation throughout 2021 at our headquarters in Japan and at 20 subsidiaries and 9 group companies located in the following 24 countries and regions: Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Turkey, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Spain, Sweden, Portugal, Italy, UK, USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand.

Environmental information on CO2 and waste data was used from 22 subsidiaries and group companies.

The status regarding all GRI indicators can be found in the attached GRI Table, which was checked by The Sustainability Consultants.


Please contact our CSR Coordinator if you have any questions about the process and this report: Contact us