Kalare X-ray Radiography & Fluoroscopy Machine

A Blend of Performance and Value in Fluoroscopy

Advancing productivity and efficiency for your R&F needs.

The Kalare with flat panel detector system is designed to handle the most demanding clinical environments

Both radiography and fluoroscopy capabilities are included in one flexible system, offering economical performance for even the most demanding clinical environments. Convenient tableside operation and Kalare’s generous number of features supports clinicians in tackling productivity challenges without compromising patient care.

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Kalare X-ray Radiography & Fluoroscopy System

Clinical Gallery

Air Contrast Barium Enema

Clinical Gallery

Kalare X-ray Air Contrast Barium Enema

Performance to deliver patient-centered care.

Leverage the latest technology and ease of use for patient and clinician confidence

Kalare incorporates dynamic flat panel detector technology and standard features to support clinicians in streamlining workflow without compromising patient care.

  • 17 x 17 inch dynamic CsI detector offers high resolution and wide coverage of anatomy
  • Grid pulsed fluoroscopy with a wide selection of pulsed fluoro frame rates allows optimal dose control
  • Tableside operation with 19” in-room monitor on wheels
  • Canon Medical Systems’ exclusive SNRF technology provides significant noise reduction while maintaining a high temporal resolution


Kalare X-ray Technology