Kalare X-ray Benefits

Reduce Radiation Exposure and Prevent Accidents

Protecting Patients All the Way

The Kalare system was created to optimize patient safety in every possible way, whether it's by utilizing today's most advanced low-dose technologies or adding an extra margin of safety against unwanted events.

Kalare X-ray Patient Exam

SNRF-Super Noise Reduction

Canon Medical Systems’ exclusive SNRF technology

  • Significant noise reduction while maintaining a high temporal resolution
  • Sharp, high-quality fluoroscopic/radiographic images in real-time
Kalare X-ray SNRF-Super Noise Reduction

Kalare FPD Dose Considerations

Dose management features for better care

Kalare X-ray Virtual Collimation

Virtual Collimation

Capability to position the collimator using Last Image Hold without the use of fluoroscopy.

Kalare X-ray Grid-Controlled Pulse Fluoro

Grid-Controlled Pulse Fluoro

In-tube grid switching lowers dose by reducing radiation that does not contribute to the image.

Kalare FPD Dose Considerations

Comprehensive Dose Management Tools comes standard

  • Three, variable dose modes
  • Grid-pulsed fluoroscopy
  • Motorized, removable anti-scatter grid
  • Last Image Hold
  • Virtual Collimation
  • Fluoro Record/Store
  • Proprietary enclosed table design to reduce scatter
  • Automated Tube Regulation (ATR)
  • Automated Exposure Control (AEC)
Kalare X-ray Comprehensive Dose Management Tools

Kalare FPD Patient Table

R/F table suited for optimized patient care and workflow

Kalare X-ray Kalare FPD Patient Table

Kalare’s unique, integrated patient footstep.

Kalare X-ray Kalare FPD Patient Table

Kalare’s enclosed table design reduces scatter radiation.