Kalare X-ray Benefits

Reduce Radiation Exposure and Prevent Accidents

Protecting Patients All the Way

Kalare X-ray Patient Exam

The Kalare system was created to optimize patient safety in every possible way, whether it's by utilizing today's most advanced low-dose technologies or adding an extra margin of safety against unwanted events.

Achieving ALARA with Kalare

Limiting radiation is critical when creating a safe operating environment for you and your patients. Managing dose comes down to a few fundamentals: time, distance and shielding. Canon Medical Systems' commitment to radiation safety results in continuous enhancements of features to help you achieve your goal of: As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA).

Kalare X-ray ALARA


Canon Medical Systems can help you eliminate fluoroscopy time with grid pulse fluoro, virtual collimation, and Last Image Hold (LIH) store. Utilizing these tools will help you significantly reduce radiation to the patient and staff.


During a fluoroscopy exam, it is difficult to increase your distance from scatter radiation when you have to control the spot film device and position the patient. Canon Medical Systems has developed many features designed to reduce exposure to scatter radiation.


Additional lead shielding from scatter radiation is provided by the lead curtain of the spot film device, the pantograph arm for the bucky slot opening, and our fully enclosed tub.


Increase patient and practitioner safety with reduced radiation exposure.

The Kalare RF system provides high quality imaging, shield features, and dose control to provide optimal clinical conditions for both the staff and patient.

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Digital Image Processing

Digital Image Processing

Digital imaging requires less maintenance than film or CR cassettes, reduces total exam time as images are processed and displayed instantaneously, allowing you to reduce dose exposure as a result of eliminating repeat views, and allows you to edit, enhance, and archive images more quickly and easily.

192 Anatomical Program Functions

192 customizable anatomical program functions allow the operator to select the optimal function for the procedure to help minimize exposure.

192 Anatomical Program Functions
Safety Lock

Safety Lock

Lock the system from the tableside with just a push of a button to help reduce the risk of accidental exposures when the operator steps away.

Lead Shielding

Lead shielding is provided by the lead curtain of the spot film device and the pantograph arm for the bucky slot opening to further reduce the operator’s exposure to scatter radiation.

Lead Shielding
3-Dose Mode

Variable Dose Modes including Grid Pulsed Fluoro

The Kalare i.i. offers 3 variable dose modes including continuous fluoro, pulsed fluoro, and grid pulsed fluoro so users can select the optimal dose mode based on their patient’s and procedural needs.

Grid Pulsed Fluoro

Grid pulse fluoro function lowers patient dose by reducing X-ray exposure that doesn’t contribute to the diagnostic image. Grid pulse fluoro features in-tube grid switching that virtually eliminates leading and trailing edge of soft X-rays for a more efficient pulse fluoroscopy.

Grid Pulsed Fluoro Demo
Grid Pulsed Fluoro
Last Image Hold & Virtual Collimation

Last Image Hold & Virtual Collimation

  • Last Image Hold (LIH) displays the last fluoroscopic image for review without further exposure
  • Virtual collimation lets you position the collimator using LIH without fluoroscopy use

Digital Compensation Filter (DCF)

The Digital Compensation Filter (DCF) provides real time enhancement of fluoroscopic images to obtain optimum image quality under the most difficult circumstances.

Digital Compensation Filter (DCF): Off
Digital Compensation Filter (DCF): On
Fluoro Record/Store

Fluoro Record/Store

  • Can be used to replace digital acquisition (DA) resulting in significant dose reduction
  • Two methods to capture images for further review, prospective or retrospective
  • This feature can reduce the need to perform repeat exposure in order to visualize the same anatomy
Fluoro Record/Store Demo

Proprietary Table Enclosure

Prioritize practitioner safety with scatter radiation reduction.

  • Canon Medical Systems has developed a proprietary table enclosure which may reduce scatter radiation by up to 95% when the table is in the upright position
  • Prioritize protection to staff against scatter radiation
  • Reduces scatter radiation due to proprietary enclosure comprised of high grade steel plating
  • Helps you keep the inner components clean from barium and other contaminants

Proprietary Enclosed Table

Proprietary Table Enclosure