Kalare X-ray Technology

Improving Productivity with Every Step

Optimized for Efficiency

When it comes right down to it, productivity in the X-ray room can be measured by footsteps. And by developing a system that’s intuitive and efficient in both design and system architecture, Canon Medical Systems eliminates many of these steps while simultaneously improving the quality of patient care with the Kalare system.

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Kalare X-ray Productivity

Through long-term, customer focused partnerships, Canon Medical Systems' Kalare™ X-ray system was specifically designed to meet the needs of today’s most demanding clinical environments.

Kalare X-ray Machine

  • Complete tableside control located on the Digital Imaging Tower allows you to change frame rates, pick a new program, or change from single to series exposures — all on the fly
  • Fluoro, acquisition, collimation and table-panning are duplicated on both sides of the power-assist handle for ambidextrous operation
  • A 21–inch gantry opening or table-to-image intensifier opening, means bariatric patients will be well supported and have plenty of room for speech pathology chairs when the table is in the upright position
  • Tableside safety lock, to help avoid accidental exposures
  • A high patient table weight limit, a powerful generator and a strong X-ray tube provide the right combination to image large patients and support high volume radiology departments
  • The system comes standard with grid pulse fluoro, which is more efficient to reduce unwanted soft radiation for pediatric patients
  • Advanced imaging with a high resolution CCD camera and image-processing techniques to display award-winning image quality

Vertical wall stand.

Wall Stand

  • “EZ-Glide” Hand control for easy and precise movement, grip rotates +105°
  • Vertical Travel: 60.0 (±1.0)" (1524.0 mm)
  • Minimum Focal Spot-to-Floor Distance 15.0 (±0.5)" (381.0 mm)
  • Low absorption front cover material with positioning and AEC Indicators
  • Custom enclosed frame for attractive appearance includes patient chin rest
  • FAIL-SAFE electromagnetic braking system
  • Optional tilting version and DR version available

Kalare X-ray Wall Stand

Vertical Travel: 60.0 (±1.0)"
Minimum Focal Spot-to-Floor Distance 15.0 (±0.5)"

Improve productivity with useful and easy to access tableside functions.

Complete Tableside Controls

Kalare X-ray Tableside Controls
  • Access to the generator functions tableside for fluoro and overhead tube exposures
  • Change frame rates, pick a new program or adjust exposure settings right at the point of care
  • Allow you to be more productive while spending more time with your patients
  • Matching LCD control room generator functions on the spot film device provides an easy learning curve for the operator
  • Industry standard icons on the Digital Imaging Tower make it easy for your radiologist to operate
  • Easy-to-use buttons next to the LCD screen enable convenient tableside review of images

True digital imaging for R&F and radiographic exams.

Kalare Wireless

To take you to a 100% digital solution, Canon Medical Systems offers a wireless Canon CXDI detector with the Kalare. Technologists can easily adapt to this detector which allows the staff to perform tabletop, cross table, wheel chair and gurney examinations just like a cassette.

  • Improves patient care
  • Increases overall workflow
  • Eliminates the need for conventional film
  • Detector sharing allows you to work seamlessly across all Canon Medical Systems' DR Flex detector based systems
Kalare Wireless X-ray
Kalare Wireless X-ray
Kalare Wireless X-ray
Kalare Wireless X-ray
Kalare Wireless X-ray

Digital when you’re ready.

DR Upgrade

Package Highlights:

  • Convert to DR when you're ready
  • Rotating Bucky tray easily rotates from portrait to landscape orientation

Additional Features:

  • Rotating Bucky
  • Vertical Digital Wall Stand

Expand your capabilities.

Digital Wireless Upgrade Package

Package Includes:

  • 14”x17” Wireless DR Panel
  • Digital Control Panel
  • Wireless Access Point

Additional Features:

  • Rotating Bucky
  • Vertical Digital Wall Stand
Kalare Wireless X-ray

Greater Flexibility and Utilization

Overhead Tube Crane

Enhanced User Interface

  • Back light
  • Color-coded control buttons
  • Common icons

Easy X-ray Tube Positioning

  • 360° handle
  • All lock grip release
  • Ergonomic button location

Extended Patient Coverage

  • Increase range of travel
  • 360° tube angulation
  • 360° column pivot
Kalare X-ray User Interface