Kalare X-ray Technology

Kalare’s convenient tableside operability and features provide patient-focused exams.

Kalare X-ray Machine

  • Generous patient table weight capacity, 80 kW generator and high-performance X-ray tube supports an expanded patient population
  • Easy to use accessories such as handgrips, shoulder rests, foot board and compression band provide patient support for positive exam outcomes
  • Retractable grid for applicable pediatric imaging
  • Enclosed table design offers reduction of scatter radiation in the upright position
  • Seamless patient access and positioning with Kalare’s built-in step, wide tabletop and 21-inch gantry opening (table to FPD)
  • Rotating detector tray for use with digital detectors enables landscape and portrait orientation images

Achieve superb workflow with tableside functionality.

Complete Tableside Controls

  • Versatile tableside operation with motorized-assisted movement and ambidextrous 360° control handle
  • Unique color LCD touchscreen panel with back lit buttons for better visibility in low light settings
  • Full generator control at the imaging tower allowing the operator to change between fluoroscopy, table, wall stand or table top imaging without leaving the patient’s side
Kalare X-ray Tableside Controls

Digital X-ray functionality to go beyond standard fluoroscopy.

Wireless Digital Radiography Package

Kalare’s wireless digital radiography package includes a Canon CXDI wireless detector and CXDI Control Software NE, along with overhead tube crane and wall stand. Perform Bucky, tabletop, cross-table, wheelchair and stretcher exams in addition to general fluoroscopy to maximize room utilization.

Kalare Wireless Digital Radiography Package
Kalare Wireless Digital Radiography Package
Kalare Wireless Digital Radiography Package
Kalare Wireless Digital Radiography Package

Kalare with Flat Panel Detector.

Performance to reach your full R/F potential

Generator & X-Ray Tube

Generator & X-Ray Tube

  • High-frequency 80 kW generator
  • 192 anatomical programs
  • Grid Controlled Pulse Fluoro
  • 600 kHU X-ray tube
Dynamic Flat Panel Detector

Dynamic Flat Panel Detector

  • 17” x 17”
  • 148 microns
  • Greater anatomical coverage than image intensifier technology
HDR Image Processor

HDR Image Processor

  • Windows-based platform
  • 140 GB hard drive storage
  • 70,000 images on-line
  • Simultaneous acquisition, review and post-processing
  • Advanced image processing
    • Acquisition 16-bit
    • Fluoroscopy 14-bit

Kalare with Flat Panel Detector

Outstanding image quality for clinical confidence and excellent patient outcomes

Exceptional Image Quality

  • SNRF-Super Noise Reduction Filter
  • FPD removes distortion at image periphery
  • 17x17 in. FPD allows greater anatomical image coverage
  • 4.0 lp/mm spatial resolution
  • 148 μm pixel pitch


Stomach with contrast

Stomach with contrast

Digital Compensation Filter (DCF)

The Digital Compensation Filter (DCF) provides real time enhancement of fluoroscopic images to obtain optimum image quality under the most difficult circumstances.

Digital Compensation Filter (DCF): Off
Digital Compensation Filter (DCF): On