Aquilion ONE GENESIS SP CT Scanner Cardiac Excellence

Triage your chest pain patients in a single exam with anatomical and functional information.

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Step 1:

Volumetric CACS


Step 2:

Volumetric CTA


Step 3:

Volumetric CTP


ONE Beat

Coronaries, wall motion, ejection fraction and functional analysis in ONE heart beat.

ONE Beat Demo

Computed Tomography SURECardio ONE Beat

Prospective CTA

Acquires a Cardiac CTA with volumetric temporal resolution and contrast uniformity in ONE 0.275 sec rotation of the gantry and within ONE heartbeat.

Prospective CTA Demo

Computed Tomography SURECardio Prospective CTA

Compensate for coronary motion.

Cardiac Adaptive Motion Correction

AMC is an adaptive motion correction algorithm that enhances the visibility of the coronary segments with motion.

  • Reducing cardiac motion for patients with higher heart rates
  • Compensate for motion within coronaries
Cardiac Adaptive Motion Correction Cardiac Adaptive Motion Correction

Volume Arrhythmia Detection

A safe and reproducible diagnostic study with every cardiac scan.

Volume Arrhythmia detection will automatically adapt the scan protocol for unstable or higher heart rates, ensuring diagnostic image quality.

Arrhythmia Detection Demo Cardiac Clinical Gallery

Computed Tomography Volumetric CT with arrhythmia detection

Single Energy Metal Artifact Reduction.

SEMAR for Cardiac CT

Improved image quality.

Canon Medical Systems' SEMAR (Single Energy Metal Artifact Reduction) utilizes a reconstruction technique to reduce metallic artifact, improving visualization of implants, supporting bone and the adjacent soft tissues for a clearer and more confident diagnosis.

More Adaptive Diagnostics

SEMAR for Cardiac CT SEMAR for Cardiac CT

Multi Segment Reconstruction

Prospective, automated for higher heart rates.

Multi Segment Reconstruction Demo

Computed Tomography SURECardio Multi Segment Reconstruction

Wide Volume CTA

Triage chest pain in minutes.

Wide volume scanning allows for large anatomical areas (greater than 16 cm) to be covered quickly and to be reconstructed and reviewed in one image data set.

Wide Volume CTA Demo

Computed Tomography SURECardio Wide Volume CTA

Structural Heart Interventional Planning

Volumetric, Ultra Helical combined.

The ability to scan multiple vascular territories with CT is used to plan complex interventional procedures like TAVI or TAVR, where gating is needed through the heart and not through the abdominal aorta and femoral arteries.

These patients often have impaired renal function therefore it is important to reduce the contrast volume as much as possible. The minimum radiation dose should always be delivered.

Structural Heart Interventional Planning Demo

Computed Tomography SURECardio Structural Heart Interventional Planning