Aquilion Lightning CT 80 Slice Scanner

High performance, highly economical

The Aquilion Lightning employs cutting-edge technology to optimize patient care and to accelerate clinical decision-making. Innovative features ensure that you can acquire high-quality images routinely at very low patient dose.

System upgrades that fit your needs.

Scalable Technology

Make your work flow. Operational solutions on every scanner. The Aquilion Lightning family of CT systems combines unmatched flexibility with cutting-edge technology, lowering your total cost of ownership.

The small footprint of the Aquilion Lightning allows installation in tight rooms, maximizing existing layouts and workspace.

In-field Upgrade

Select the cutting-edge system that matches your needs today — 40, 80 or 160 slices*.

Aquilion Lightning with Scalable Detector Rows Slices
Aquilion Lightning 40 CT Scanner

Aquilion Lightning 40

  • 0.5 mm x 40 PUREViSION detector
  • 40 slices every rotation
  • 2 cm of 0.5 mm coverage
  • 4 cm of 1.0 mm coverage
  • 0.6 / 0.5* sec rotation
  • +/- 30° gantry tilt
  • 78 cm patient aperture
  • AIDR 3D Enhanced
Aquilion PRIME 80 CT Scanner

Aquilion Lightning 80

  • 0.5 mm x 80 PUREViSION detector
  • 80 slices every rotation
  • 4 cm of 0.5 mm coverage
  • 0.6 / 0.5* sec rotation
  • +/- 30° gantry tilt
  • 78 cm patient aperture
  • AIDR 3D Enhanced
Aquilion PRIME 160 CT Scanner

Aquilion Lightning 160

  • 0.5 mm x 80 PUREViSION detector
  • 160 slices every rotation**
  • 4 cm of 0.5 mm coverage
  • 0.6 / 0.5* sec rotation
  • +/- 30° gantry tilt
  • 78 cm patient aperture
  • AIDR 3D Enhanced

*Option, **coneXact double slice technology

PUREVISION Detector Technology

The system’s 80 row 0.5 mm elements balance image quality, speed and patient dose delivering isotropic images in all planes.

PUREVISION Detector Demo

Aquilion Lightning PUREVISION Detector

Helicool X-ray Tube

  • 5 MHU standard tube: Reliable Canon Medical Systems technology
  • Liquid Metal Bearing: Modern “metal on metal” liquid bearing with superior heat dissipation
  • 0.5 second rotation: Fast rotation speed improving workflow

New Anode also supports more mass and surface area which boosts efficiency.

Aquilion Lightning Helicool X-ray Tube

Ultra Helical Scanning

Shifting from 64 to 80 detector rows with up to 160* slices with the Aquilion Lightning results in shorter scan times and higher quality imaging.

*coneXact double slice technology

Aquilion Lightning

Helping you economize on space and energy consumption

Aquilion Lightning

Aquilion Lightning has been thoughtfully engineered to meet today’s economic challenges.

With a gantry design focusing on smaller installation space and lower energy consumption, Aquilion Lightning provides you more space to work in.

**With small couch

Aquilion Lightning

Power saving

Aquilion Lightning incorporates a host of innovative adaptive power management technologies, helping you to decrease energy consumption to reduce your running costs while minimizing your environmental footprint.

Aquilion Lightning
Adaptive Diagnostics Aquilion CT Clinical Solutions

Maximum clinical capabilities

Adaptive Diagnostics

Aquilion Lightning offers Canon Medical Systems' comprehensive suite of Adaptive Diagnostic imaging solutions that simplify complex protocols and provide consistent quality results.

SURESubtraction™ *

SURESubtraction™ has the ability to remove bone and calcium from data sets while allowing clinicians to view tumors or arteries at risk. Currently available for brain, carotid, ortho and lung exams.

Using Canon Medical Systems' fully automated non-rigid registration algorithm, bone, calcium and stent subtraction can be accomplished using a low dose unenhanced scan prior to contrast delivery. Superior visualization of the vertebral arteries and internal carotids can be seen, saving time and improving diagnostic accuracy.

SURESubtraction Demo


CT 80 Slice Scanner SURESubtraction

Single Energy Metal Artifact Reduction


Canon Medical Systems' SEMAR (Single Energy Metal Artifact Reduction) utilizes a sophisticated iterative reconstruction technique to reduce metallic artifact, improving visualization of implants, supporting bone and the adjacent soft tissues for a clearer and more confident diagnosis. SEMAR can be set in the scan protocol so the reconstructions are fully automatic requiring no additional operator input.

SEMAR Demo SEMAR Case Study

Aquilion Lightning SEMAR

Variable Helical Pitch

3 Phase vHP*

Unique Canon Medical Systems scan mode that allows a single helical acquisition with a seamless change of helical pitch. 3 clinically adapted pitch settings can be used within one helical scan.

Canon Medical Systems' exclusive technology, the vHP variable helical pitch adaptive diagnostic tool will allow scanning of multiple Vascular territories within one breath hold and one contrast injection.

3 Phase vHP Demo


Variable Helical Pitch CT Technology

Subtraction CTA**

Superior visualization in CTA with true subtraction of bone and calcification.


Subtraction CTA

RT Options for the
Aquilion Lightning 80

  • Extended field of view: See more of the anatomy with 70 cm EFOV.
  • RT flat table top: Scan in the same position for comfort and ease.
  • Respiratory gating: Delivers robust flexibility for respiratory motion management.
  • LAP lasers: Improve in-room patient set-up and technologist workflow.
  • Tech Assist Lateral Table movement: Create more flexibility and ease of use.
RT Options for the Aquilion Lightning 80