Emergency Radiology Solutions
Rapid Emergency Exam Setup

Rapid Emergency Exam Setup

Imaging when and where you need it.

Rapid Emergency Exam Setup

Developing rapid imaging scan setup and fast data acquisition technologies will be of main interest and concern in emergency radiology, which will significantly increase imaging capacity and reduce risk of delaying emergent patient management.1

“In the ER, time can be both our greatest ally and our worst enemy. The first hour after trauma or the beginning of symptoms is considered the golden hour.”2


Auto-start feature from gantry
  • Auto-start feature from gantry for improved patient monitoring
  • Advanced positioning technologies that may reduce the risk of injury
  • Low table height for efficient patient loading
  • Open, flared gantry for better patient access


Ultra-fast boot-up
  • Ultra-fast boot-up3
  • Customizable user interface
  • Emergency patient exam start
  • Powerful battery, cable-free operation4


Emergency patient exam start
  • Emergency patient exam start
  • Built-in wireless detector charging5
  • Compact, battery powered mobiles
  • Low X-ray tables for easy patient loading

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2 www.altusemergency.com/the-importance-of-emergency-radiology/
3 Available on Xario g-series
4 Up to 8 hours on Xario200 and up to 4 hours on Xario100
5 Standard on OMNERA and SOLTUS systems