Cardiology Solution
Enable Confident Diagnosis

Enable Confident Diagnosis

Intelligent technology focused on image quality.

Enable Confident Diagnosis

High quality visualization of the anatomy is of great significance during diagnosis and treatment of Coronary Artery Disease.

Image Artifacts may hide or mimic pathological conditions and can lead to underdiagnosis or overtreatment.

“We are able to scan more complicated patients who would otherwise get poor quality images, such as patients: With irregular or fast heart rates, unable to perform a prolonged breath hold, and unable to lay still for extended periods of time1.”

Catalin Loghin
MD, Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine
McGovern Medical School at UTHealth, Houston, TX


Cardiac Ultrasound

Outstanding imaging clarity for a wide range of cardiac patients

  • Innovative beamforming architecture and transducer technology
  • Increased detail and spatial resolution
  • Enhanced penetration, with up to 50 cm industry-leading penetration2


Cardiac CT

A better balance between image quality and dose for most patients

  • Artificial Intelligence for sharp, clear, and distinct images
  • Super resolution Cardiac CT3
  • Technologies that automatically adapt for unstable or higher heart rates and compensate for cardiac motion


Cardiac MR

Image a wide range of cardiac patients

  • Artificial Intelligence to reduce noise and improve image quality
  • High speed imaging
  • Reduce scan times with fewer breath holds


Vascular Suite

Image resolution for tomorrow’s intervention

  • Powerful imaging and high-speed processing tools to help optimize IQ
  • True high-definition flat panel detector to visualize the fine details4,5
  • Highly advanced dose optimization technologies

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1 The clinical results, performance and views described are the experience of the clinicians. Results may vary due to clinical setting, patient presentation and other factors.
2 Aplio i900 / Prism Edition compared to Aplio i900
3 Only available on the Aquilion ONE PRISM Edition, PIQE is designed to fully utilize the maximum resolution of the detector
4 Only optionally available on the Alphenix Core+ with 12"x12" & 12”x16” FPD, Alphenix Biplane with 12"x12" & 12”x16” FPD, Alphenix Sky+ with 12"x16" FPD, Alphenix 4D CT Sky+ Aquilion Prime SP with 12”x16” FPD and Alphenix 4D CT Sky+ Aquilion ONE/GENESIS Edition with 12"x16" FPD
5 High-definition detector 76 μm resolution. Documented testing has demonstrated imaging capabilities with up to 2.5x greater resolution.