Cardiology Solution
Patient & Operator Centric Designs

Patient & Operator Centric Designs

Intelligent technology for an enhanced patient and operator experience.

Patient & Operator Centric Designs

Over 80% of patients with Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) are overweight or obese.1

Imaging obese patients can be challenging and difficult.2

Something that stands out for me using the Canon UL system is the ergonomics. Adjusting the screen as well as the console makes it a lot easier to scan the patients and not really hurt my elbows or shoulders.”3

Sergio Lopez
Lompoc Valley Cardiovascular Center, Lompoc, CA


Cardiac Ultrasound

Scan more comfortably today

  • Fully adjustable system console, height and monitor
  • Aplio series meets the SDMS ergonomic recommendations

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Cardiac CT

Enhance your care experience

  • Wide bore, wide table, low table height
  • Unique flared gantry and gantry tilt
  • Advanced positioning technologies

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Cardiac MR

A greater sense of freedom

  • Wide bore, wide table, low table height
  • Dockable table4
  • Short magnet
  • Unique acoustic noise reduction

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Cath lab

Move the system, not the patient

  • Full patient coverage
  • Unprecedented patient access
  • Unobstructed head-end workspace
  • Freedom to position the monitor virtually anywhere around the table5

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1 Ades and Savage. Prev Med. 2017 November; 104: 117-119. doi:10.1016/j.ypmed.2017.04.013
2 R. Uppot et al. Impact of obesity on Medical Imaging and Image-Guided Intervention. AJR February 2007; 188:433-440
3 The clinical results, performance and views described are the experience of the clinicians. Results may vary due to clinical setting, patient presentation and other factors.
4 Optional
5 Standard on the Alphenix Core+ and the Alphenix Biplane and optionally available with the Ondal suspension on the Alphenix 4D CT Aquilion ONE/GENESIS Edition, Alphenix 4D CT Aquilion Prime SP, Alphenix Sky+, Alphenix Sky, Alphenix Dual Plane