Vantage Galan 3T
Vantage Galan 3T

Quiet. Digital. Quick.

Deliver a quieter, more comfortable MR exam with Vantage Galan 3T’s patient-focused design

A successful exam begins with a comfortable patient. Vantage Galan 3T is designed to maximize patient comfort without compromising image quality. The 71 cm bore opening and a short magnet delivers an open feeling and enables patients of all sizes to be imaged successfully. This is achieved by the slim gradient design which provides ample space between the patient and the inside of the bore.

Vantage Galan 3T

Quiet exams with Pianissimo and Pianissimo Zen

Pianissimo technology significantly reduces the noise in and around the MRI environment for every patient, every sequence, every time thanks to the vacuum chamber encasing the super slim gradient coil which suppresses acoustic noise. And Pianissimo Zen quiet sequences further reduce noise by up to 99%*, making exams even more comfortable and easier to complete.

*Depending on the condition of usage and examination.

Pianissimo and Pianissimo Zen

Unique acoustic noise reduction suites.

Pianissimo Zen¹

  • Pianissimo Technology
  • Pianissimo Zen Sequences
    • mUTE
    • mUTE 4D-MRA
    • FASE-DWI
  • Pianissimo + mUTE sequences
    • Less than 2dB acoustic noise increase over the ambient noise (Absolute Value: Less than 63dB*)

*99% reduction by unit of Loudness level "dB" and 97% reduction by unit of perceived loudness "Sone"

¹ Optional

Pianissimo Zen Chart

Pianissimo Zen Sequences

Providing a patient-friendly examination environment.

Even quieter scanning with mUTE* 3D T1

The mUTE applications suppress high-speed gradient field switching, making it possible to provide even quieter scanning.

*mUTE: minimized acoustic noise utilizing UTE

mUTE* 3D T1
mUTE* 3D T1
mUTE* 3D T1

Silently capturing hemodynamics with mUTE 4D MRA

Vantage Galan 3T’s UTE sequences allow for less dephasing and more homogeneous vessel signals. At the same time, the multiple TI (4D) generates dynamic images visualizing the blood flow without the need for contrast agents.


New system colors

With a range of gantry ring color choices available at installation, your facility can create the mood and atmosphere you want to provide to your patients.

Vantage Galan 3T New System Colors

Expand your patient services

Be the 3T MRI imaging center of choice for challenging patients

With new applications addressing even the most challenging patients, ensure your 3T imaging facility is the preferred choice for referrals. Free breathing and contrast-free applications help to deliver a comfortable patient experience, reduce re-scans and expand the patient population that can be successfully scanned.

Vantage Galan 3T Imaging Facility

Free breathing with Quick Star

Quick Star reduced motion artifacts can be helpful for challenging patients that have difficulty holding their breath or especially for liver examination.

Free breathing without Quick Star vs Free breathing with Quick Star

Non-Contrast MRA

An increasing awareness of the potential risks associated with gadolinium-based contrast agents has revealed the need for alternative, contrast-free MRA techniques. Non-contrast MRA sequences minimize risk to patients with sensitivity to contrast while producing exceptional diagnostic images.

Non-Contrast MRA

Positioning flexibility

  • Multiple coils can be used simultaneously, creating flexibility for operators and comfort for patients
  • Convenient port locations mean that a large segment of exams can be performed feet first
  • 205 cm of table movement coupled with a sliding spine coil provides maximum flexibility for operators and greater comfort for patients

Integrated Coil Workflow Technology

Integrated coil

Adaptive Scan Mode

Utilize Adaptive Scan mode to set imaging parameters in order to manage patients with implants. In addition, by saving parameter settings you can improve work-flow for future procedures.

Adaptive Scan Mode