Vantage Galan 3T Quiet Intelligence
Vantage Galan 3T

Quiet Intelligence

Harness the power of deep learning to enable enhanced resolution and achieve fast imaging.

Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE) intelligently removes noise from images which results in higher SNR1 and enhanced resolution. Achieve sharp, clear and distinct images utilizing the power of Deep Learning.

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Deep Learning
Original vs AiCE
AiCE: In phase, Water image, Fat image

Achieving quick and high SNR1 images is now possible with Canon’s intelligent new technologies

AiCE combines with rapid scanning to help you boost productivity in combination with unique Canon scan acceleration technologies like Compressed SPEEDER, you have the ability to focus on faster scans and SNR by removing noise from images.

1AiCE provides higher SNR compared to typical low pass filters.

Conventional vs AiCE

Actual scan time reductions vary by case

Advanced technologies to power your day

With unique time saving accelerated scans, short TE acquisition and quantification technologies, you now have a suite of imaging options to power through your day.

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Exsper is a new scan acceleration technique that utilizes both k-space and image space, enabling reduced scan time for Diffusion Weighted Imaging (DWI). With this technique DWI capability is expanded to increase scan resolution or decrease field of view.

Exsper x 4.0

Ax DWI / b1000, 0.7 x 0.7 mm resolution, 4 mm, Exsper x 4.0, 1:40

Acute cerebral infarction, Left ICA aneurysm

Exsper x 4.0

Images provided by Japanese facility

Multi-Echo UTE

Multi-Echo UTE utilizes a unique sampling pattern which enables the ability to acquire a very short TE in one scan, with the benefit of obtaining signals with short T2* values. Multiple data with different short TE values are also expected to see the variance in short T2* range or to create T2* mapping of tissues.

1.1x1.1 mm resolution, 1 mm: TE 0.14ms, TE 4.74ms

MR Elastography (MRE)

The role of MRE has been increasingly recognized in multidisciplinary clinical guidelines for noninvasive liver fibrosis assessment, particularly in suspected cases of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

MR Elastography

Non-invasive fat imaging and quantification

Imaging is rapidly becoming the standard for fat quantification. Canon’s fat imaging and quantification can simultaneously, in a single breath held exam, provide quantitative maps of the liver to measure proton density fat fraction (PDFF) and R2*.

Normal vs Obesity