Stroke Solutions
Confident and Capable Stroke Management

Confident and Capable Stroke Management

Intelligent technology and imaging protocols for efficient stroke care planning.

Confident and Capable Stroke Management

Each minute costs the brain 1.9 million neurons.

Fast, detailed, intelligent brain imaging and diagnostics are needed for stroke assessment and triage to improve patient outcomes.

…Time is Brain.


Pre lateral DSA run of stroke patient | Lateral DSA run post thrombectomy | Parametric imaging of sequence
  • Powerful imaging and high-speed processing tools to help optimize image quality
  • Hi-def imaging mode1 allows you to effortlessly zoom up to 1.5” in resolution without losing image quality
  • Enables stroke triage and intervention – all in one room2


Low Dose 4D Subtraction CTA
  • Comprehensive CT portfolio to help you quickly find the source of stroke
  • Neuro ONE Protocol delivers whole brain perfusion in ONE exam3
  • ONE scan with ONE contrast injection complete CTA and CTP in 5 minutes3


Automation Platform AUTOStroke Solution
  • Automation Platform AUTOStroke
  • AI-Powered, zero-click solution
  • Uses deep-learning technology to streamline workflows for fast, actionable results every time
  • Comprehensive set of applications to quickly categorize and treat ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes


Stroke Workup @ 1.5T
  • One click positioning and automatic alignment available on our suite of MR systems with NeuroLine+5
  • Enhances efficiency and reproducibility via intelligent alignment algorithms

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1 Only optionally available on the Alphenix Core+ with 12"x12" & 12"x16" FPD, Alphenix Biplane with 12"x12" & 12"x16" FPD, Alphenix Sky+ with 12"x16" FPD, Alphenix 4D CT Sky+ Aquilion Prime SP with 12"x16" FPD, and Alphenix 4D CT Sky+ Aquilion ONE / GENESIS Edition with 12"x16" FPD
2 Paring of interventional lab and CT may help expand treatment capabilities and save valuable time – only on Alphenix 4D CT
3 Optional on Aquilion ONE
4 Actual scan times vary by case
5 Optional