Vantage Orian 1.5T High Productivity
Vantage Orian 1.5T

Advanced Confidence

High Productivity

Advanced Productivity

Now with Compressed SPEEDER, rapid scan technologies reduce scan time.

Faster Workflow

Dockable Table, automated Auto Scan Assist and ForeSee View improve workflow.

Smart Investment

Small footprint and low energy consumption minimizes operational costs.

Vantage Orian 1.5T High Productivity

Tablet User Interface. Prioritize workflow and organizational efficiency at your fingertips.

Remote Scan Management and Patient Monitoring.

From your first touch point with the patient the mobile tablet supports remotely confirming and integrating patient information.

Vantage Orian 1.5T High Productivity

Prioritize workflow and organizational efficiency

Patient worklist icon

Patient worklist

Protocol management icon

Protocol management

Study management icon

Study management

Patient identity icon

Patient identity

Remote scan management

Remote scan management

Image Auto View icon

Image Auto View

Customizable menus icon

Customizable menus

Patient monitoring icon

Patient monitoring
ceiling camera video display, two-way voice communication

Tablet User Interface

1.5T MRI Efficiency with Ceiling Camera and Intelligent Monitor

Our Ceiling Camera solution transmits key information to be displayed on the Intelligent Monitor, confirms coil set-up and assists patient positioning.

The Intelligent Monitor installed in the gantry displays the bird's-eye view captured by the Ceiling Camera. This assists in setting the scan position without relying on the patient to move around.

Automated Landmark Setting

The system matches the PAS information registered in advance on the Tablet UX or MR console with the detected singular points on the patient's body, identifies the anatomical region, and displays the landmark to be scanned on the intelligent monitor.

Vantage Orian 1.5T High Productivity

Auto Scan Assist

With the complexity of scan planning, achieving scan plane reproducibility can be challenging and time-consuming.

Auto Scan Assist technology takes away the variability and helps you improve workflow with automatic slice alignment for neuro, spine, knees, liver, prostate and cardiac standardizing your workflow with automatic positioning.

“Vantage Orian has delivered excellent consistency for our routine imaging procedures, improving confidence for staff and image readers. The range of Auto Scan Assist procedures has reduced workflow due to the automated technology, which in turn improves image consistency.”
Dr. Xavier Alomar, Clinica Creu Blanca, Spain

Auto Scan Assist is available for the following applications:

  • Neuro: NeuroLine+
  • Spine: SpineLine+ and W-SpineLine+
  • Knee: SUREVOI Knee and KneeLine+
  • Cardiac: SUREVOI Cardiac and CardioLine+
  • Liver: LiverLine+ and SUREVOI Liver
  • Prostate: ProstateLine+
Auto Scan Assists

Reduce MRI set-up steps and operator burden

Auto Scan Assists takes away the variability and helps you improve workflow with automated slice alignment for a range of standard exams across the whole body.

Utilizing Deep Learning1 and Machine Learning2 based automatic recognition, productivity is advanced to enhance alignment consistency and procedural efficiency.

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Compressed SPEEDER

Accelerate your workflow

Shorten individual MRI sequences as well as entire MRI examinations.

Compressed SPEEDER is a new imaging technique in 2D and 3D acquisitions that can accelerate scan times utilizing compressed sensing technology in both 2D and 3D acquisitions. This unique imaging approach can be combined with FAST techniques to enable high-speed imaging, reducing scan acquisition times while supporting diagnostic image performance.

Compressed SPEEDER: Speed

Decrease exam times


Compressed SPEEDER: Experience

Fast exams means more time
for your patients


Compressed SPEEDER: Increased Resolution

Increased Resolution
Improve resolution with
the same scan time

Original vs 3D Compressed SPEEDER
Compressed SPEEDER
  • With the challenges of infectious diseases like COVID-19 and the ever-present financial pressure to increase throughput, it’s more important than ever before to scan faster.
  • Compressed SPEEDER allows acceleration factors for shorter scan times or higher resolution in 2D and 3D acquisitions.
Original vs Compressed SPEEDER 2.5

Fast 3D mode reduces scan times up to 50%

Fast 3D mode for TOF

You can now apply Fast 3D mode to TOF contrast MRA procedures with the ability to reduce scan times by up to 50%3, while maintaining excellent image consistency.

Conventional vs Fast 3D Mode

Fast 3D mode for mVox

Fast 3D mode reduces scan times up to 50%4 for different contrast weighted images while maintaining homogeneity and fat suppression.

T1w Post Contrast Enhancement vs FLAIR MPR
“Fast 3D shortens imaging time while maintaining high quality images comparable to those offered by conventional techniques, contributing to work-flow improvements in routine medical care. It also delivers improved image quality without extending imaging time when compared to existing FASE3D.”
Dr. Kohei Hamamoto, Jichi Medical University Saitama Medical Center, Japan


MultiBand SPEEDER acquires multiple slices simultaneously, which enables reduced scan times. DWI scans in particular can be acquired in about half the time compared to previous sequences.

“MultiBand Diffusion Sequence has reduced our clinical scan times by half compared to the traditional Spin Echo Diffusion for Abdominal Regions. Moreover, the new multiband sequence has helped reduce artifacts in areas of high susceptibility such as air and bone while overall improving ADC maps.”
Dr. Xavier Alomar, Creu Blanca Medical Center, Spain
MultiBand SPEEDER Time : 0:55

Time : 0:55

MultiBand SPEEDER Time : 0:55

Time : 0:55

Courtesy of Dr. Xavier Alomar, Clinica Creu Blanca, Spain


Up to x8 accelerated k-t SPEEDER allows high frame rate cardiac cine and perfusion imaging with free breathing. k-t SPEEDER enables you to image a wide range of cardiac patients.

“This patient had difficulty suspending his breathing due to severe Cardiomyopathy demonstrated in the left lateral wall of the myocardium. Due to the high temporal resolution of k-t SPEEDER cine images could be acquired with free breathing while maintaining image quality.”
Dr. Xavier Alomar, Clinica Creu Blanca, Spain
Free breathing with k-t SPEEDER

Free breathing with k-t SPEEDER

Late Gadolinium Enhancement

Late Gadolinium Enhancement

Courtesy of Dr. Xavier Alomar, Clinica Creu Blanca, Spain

ForeSee View

ForeSee View is an essential new scan planning tool designed to allow you to preview your slice planning in real time. This tool is particularly useful in anatomies that can be difficult to plan such as the pancreas, the heart, and certain orthopedic joints.

ForeSee View’s excellent new feature reduces the need for re-scanning and saves time on scan planning for all body regions.

ForeSee View Infographic

Experience simulated scan planning examples with ForeSee View

The desired cross section is displayed in real time in conjunction with the positioning operation.

Auto Scan Assist CardioLine+

CardioLine+ can then automatically detect 14 different standard views of the heart for quick workflow.

High Productivity

Dockable Table5

Detachable Patient Table

Patient handling is seamless as preparation can be achieved in advance outside the scan room, enhancing workflow and allowing medical staff to respond to any patient requirements quickly and easily.

Dockable Table Demo

Vantage Orian 1.5T Dockable Table

Intelligent Monitor

The completely intelligent gantry interface has been re-designed to enhance workflow and save set-up time, displaying important patient related and coil information, and allowing you to ensure a proper and complete setup without leaving the patient’s side.

Intelligent Monitor

Smart Investment

Combining a 71 cm wide bore with high end PURERF and Saturn technology migrated from our 3T portfolio, Vantage Orian packs everything you need into a 1.5T system with low energy consumption, a small footprint and Dockable Table for seamless patient handling.

ECO Space

Minimize investment in valuable floor space with a 25 m2(6) footprint that excels in the 1.5T wide bore market.7

ECO Space

ECO Mode Plus

With new technology that automatically minimizes power consumption by up to 21% when the scanner is not being used with no effect on image quality.

ECO Mode Plus Demo

ECO Mode Plus

ECO Table

ECO Table allows automatically activated low-power mode by lowering the couch to the home position (physically or at the console), when the dockable table is removed, or when the procedure is completed.

ECO Cooling system

Further reduces power automatically when the system is not operating through intelligent operation of the cooling compressor.

The clinical results, performance and views described are the experience of the clinician. Results may vary due to clinical setting, patient presentation and other factors. Many factors could cause the actual results and performance of Canon's product to be materially different from any of the aforementioned.

1Deep Learning is applicable to SUREVOI Liver.
2Machine Learning is applicable to Neuroline+, ProstateLine+, LiverLine+, W-SpineLine+, and SpineLine+ applications.
3As compared to standard 3D TOF sequence.
4As compared to standard FASE 3D sequence.
6Without magnetic shielding. The minimum footprint may not be applied to some cases depending on each site.
7The 5 Gauss line is not confined within the Scan Room. Controlled access area should be taken into account by the facility when preparing for installation. The above specifications may not meet the local requirements such as for access as is required by the Americans with Disabilities Act in the United States. Please consult with your architectural and/or electric consultant for coding requirements. Some power equipment may be required to be placed in a dedicated electrical room.