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DR Tablet Solution

Easily make the move to digital radiography. The Solution consists of a tablet* and choice of a wireless CXDI Digital Radiography (DR) System, which includes CXDI Control Software NE. The auto-detection mode of the detector allows the automatic detection of X-rays at exposure without the use of a typical X-ray generator interface. The tablet's unique Wi-Fi® capability allows end-users to communicate wirelessly with both the CXDI detector and the DICOM® network. Images can be acquired from the CXDI detector while previous images are simultaneously sent to PACS.

Available Systems

  • CXDI-702C Wireless Digital Radiography System
  • CXDI-402C Wireless Digital Radiography System
  • CXDI-710C Wireless Digital Radiography System
  • CXDI-810C Wireless Digital Radiography System
  • CXDI-410C Wireless Digital Radiography System

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  • Solution comprised of the tablet, CXDI Wireless DR System, and CXDI Control Software NE
  • Tablet has rugged construction and is drop and scratch-resistant
  • Built-in disaster recovery capability in the tablet allows you to backup and restore onsite within minutes
  • CXDI Control Software NE provides quick image confirmation and timely network distribution, supports multiple study acquisition, can be easily tailored to individual clinical preferences, and helps provide the delivery of consistent, high-resolution image with the Canon CXDI Digital Radiography Systems.
  • CXDI Control Software NE streamlines workflow and can help reduce the steps needed to complete exams.

*Manufactured by a third party
†Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.