Vantage Elan MRI

Quality care for your patients

Comfort is important, and with Pianissimo noise-reduction technology, scans are quieter and more efficient. Non-contrast imaging reduces the need for injections during the exam. The shorter bore of Vantage Elan helps to reduce claustrophobia in patients, while the 63 cm size accommodates a wide variety of patients.

Vantage Elan Short Bore


  • Maximum Efficiency: Canon software maximizes operator efficiency with streamlined workflow
  • Quieter Scans: Enhanced comfort and patient satisfaction from Pianissimo™ noise-reduction technology
  • Quality Imaging: Detailed diagnostic imaging
  • Accommodate More: 63 cm wide accommodates a variety of patient sizes
  • Improved Patient Line of Sight: Short bore decreases patient claustrophobia
Feet First MRI Imaging

Allowing flexible scanning options and increased patient comfort.

Feet First Imaging

A sliding table coupled with an integrated spine coil provides maximum flexibility for operators and feet first options for patients.


Noise can make an MR exam uncomfortable for patients, Pianissimo allows even the most sensitive patient to have a pleasant experience.

Reducing noise levels in 2 unique ways:

  • Hardware designed to eliminate noise at the source for every sequence
  • Additional special sequences further reduce gradient noise

Pianissimo Overview

Pianissimo Quiet MR

Hardware vs. software

Quiet MR for every sequence, scan and patient. Canon Medical Systems hardware is designed to eliminate noise at the source.

  • Noise reduction is achieved on all sequences
  • Additional special sequences further reduce gradient noise
Decreased Noise and Performance

Competitors reduce noise by use of software only.

  • Limited to specialized pulse sequences
  • Software solutions modify the pulse sequences themselves which intentionally diminish the gradient performance

Relative noise comparison

Select from below to compare the noise acoustics

Relative noise comparison
Elan MRI Pianissimo
Relative noise comparison
Vacuum Cleaner
Relative noise comparison
Relative noise comparison
Train Horn
Relative noise comparison
Airplane Jet

Contrast in your images. Not in your patients.

Non-Contrast Imaging

An increasing awareness of the potential risks associated with gadolinium-based contrast agents has revealed the need for alternative, contrast-free MRA techniques. We provide clinicians four generations of unique, non-contrast MRA sequences that minimize risk to patients while producing exceptional images. These images are often better than those acquired with conventional contrast enhanced techniques.

Non-contrast MRA techniques

Non-Contrast Imaging