Aquilion Prime SP CT Scanner Technology

Deep Learning Reconstruction

See through the noise

The Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE), an innovative approach to CT reconstruction, uses Deep Learning to distinguish true signal from noise to deliver sharp, clear and distinct images at speed. Trained using vast amounts of high-quality image data, AiCE provides enhanced anatomical resolution across the whole body¹ including brain, lung, cardiac and musculoskeletal systems.

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Aquilion Prime SP and AiCE

AiCE deep learning reconstruction images feature:

  • Our best low-contrast resolution, ever ¹,³
  • Dose neutral industry-leading ultra-high resolution²
  • Improved low-contrast detectability, noise and spatial resolution relative to hybrid iterative reconstruction
  • Image noise texture more similar to FBP compared to MBIR reconstruction³
  • Fast reconstruction
  • Easy workflow

¹1.5mm @ 0.3%, 22.6 mGy for Genesis. 1.5mm@ 0.3%, 21.8 mGy for Prime SP
²Aquilion Precision, Dose neutral between Ultra-high resolution mode with AiCE and normal resolution mode with hybrid iterative reconstruction
³Aquilion ONE / GENESIS SP

CT Guided Interventions

Simple and Streamlined

Optimize interventional procedures with our new hybrid CT touch-panel interface for CT guided interventions that enables one-handed operation thanks to ergonomically designed controls and a versatile touchscreen tablet.

Plus, with Canon Medical's iterative reconstruction you now have real-time access to the high-quality low-dose images.

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Aquilion ONE PRISM CT Fluoroscopy

Every heart, Covered

Cardiovascular disease is on the rise. In fact, one person dies every 37 seconds in the United States from cardiovascular disease.* With CT positioned as a first-line diagnostic tool addressing the evolving needs of cardiac imaging, your ability to deliver high quality, consistent CT studies is critical to outcomes. Your patients deserve the best technology available, and so do you. Canon Medical—the creator of one-beat cardiac CT—delivers.

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*Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Every heart, Covered

Enables multiple specialized studies within a single scan.

vHP 3-Phase (vHP3)*

vHP 3-Phase* allows three scans to be performed in a single acquisition, seamlessly transitioning between scan parameters optimized for each body region. vHP 3-Phase has potential for less contrast media and lower radiation dose by providing the flexibility to seamlessly transition:

  • Between ECG Gating on and off during a cardiac scan
  • Between dose and image quality during a CAP scan
  • Between fast and detailed pitch during a trauma scan

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*Available on Aquilion ONE / GENESIS SP, Aquilion Prime SP and Aquilion ONE / PRISM Edition.

Single Energy Metal Artifact Reduction (SEMAR)

Bilateral Hip Replacement

A pelvic CT was performed for bilateral hip replacement evaluation post-surgery. The coronal view with SEMAR demonstrates drastic metal artifact reduction allowing physicians to confidently evaluate the prosthesis positioning as well as surrounding tissues. A soft tissue mass is seen adjacent to the right lesser trochanter.


SEMAR Single Energy Metal Artifact Reduction CT Technology

Aquilion Prime SP Wide Open Low Bore

Wide, open and low, put your patients at ease

Patient Centric Design

  • 78 cm gantry bore
  • 47 cm couch width
  • 2000 mm scan range
  • 33 cm minimum couch top height, flexible table height for all age groups and the physically challenged
  • 660 lbs capacity couch
  • Tech Assist Lateral Slide option allows you to move the table 8.4 cm from side to side

Helps reduce rescans in time critical situations.


  • Accurately center and position the patient by scan plan GUI
    • Up-Down
    • Left-Right (option with Tech Assist Lateral Slide)
  • Provides the ability to always perform iso-center scanning for best IQ, without re-centering and re-scanning the patient
  • System generates new (virtual) scanogram—never repeat scanogram

SUREPosition Demo

*Available on Aquilion ONE / GENESIS SP, Aquilion Prime SP, Aquilion Lightning 80 and Aquilion ONE / PRISM Edition.

SUREPosition Technology

RT Options for the Aquilion Prime SP.

Radiation Therapy Options

  • Extended field of view: See more of the anatomy with 70 cm EFOV.
  • RT flat table top: Scan in the same position for comfort and ease.
  • Respiratory gating: Delivers robust flexibility for respiratory motion management.
  • LAP lasers: Improve in-room patient set-up and technologist workflow.
  • Tech Assist Lateral Table movement: Create more flexibility and ease of use.
RT Options for the Aquilion Prime SP

Image more patients and do it faster.

Enhanced Workflow

Aquilion CT SURE Technologies

Automate Exams

Conduct quicker exams with Canon Medical Systems' suite of SURETechnologies that streamline procedures for a range of applications.

Aquilion CT Image Quality

Enhance Image Quality

Diagnose with accuracy and speed thanks to the small slice thickness of 0.5 mm.

Aquilion CT Reconstruction Speed

Improve Productivity

Accelerate your workflow with fast reconstruction speed of up to 70 images per second.

Serve a variety of patients and clinical applications with ease.

Scalable Technology

From fast and accurate emergency scans to consistency in routine radiology, Canon Medical's Aquilion™ Prime SP is the system of choice for your shared service's demands now and in the future.

The small footprint of the air-cooled Aquilion Prime SP allows installation in tight rooms, maximizing existing layouts and workspace, lowering the total cost of ownership.

In-field Upgradable

Select the system that matches your needs today—80 to 160 slices*, and grows with you.

Aquilion Prime SP 80 Star

Latest Edition to the Aquilion Prime SP Family. 80 slices every rotation, upgradable to 160 slices*.

*coneXact double slice technology

Aquilion Prime SP with Scalable Detector Rows Slices

Maximize existing layouts and workspace.

Compact Design

  • The small footprint of the Aquilion Prime SP allows installation in tight rooms
  • Installation space of just 14.8m²*

*When the short couch is installed

Aquilion Prime SP Compact Design