Xario 100 Ultrasound Benefits

Efficient and precise exams with iStyle™+ Productivity Suite.

Canon Medical Systems' unique and innovative iStyle+ Productivity Suite gives you a full range of workflow automation tools that bring ergonomic relief by minimizing keystrokes, reducing exam times, and raising the consistency of exams.

  • Xario 100, with its simple operating panel for intuitive operation, promotes efficient examinations.
  • Canon Medical Systems' distinctive iStyle™ productivity suite enables the keyboard layout to be configurable to ensure easy operation in every department.
  • Quick Scan, for optimizing B-mode image quality or Spectral Doppler waveforms with one-touch operation.
  • Quick Start, for optimizing 2D image quality and color flow for each specific clinical target.
iStyle interface

Customizable user interface

iStyle Transducers

Transducer Management

iStyle Image Management System

Image Management System

iStyle Quick Scan

Quick Scan image optimization

Xario 100 Ultrasound High Density Architecture

Designed to Support a Full Range of Applications

Reliable diagnosis performed by the clinician.

  • Canon Medical Systems' High Density Architecture forms the foundation for excellent image quality and enables you to see and do more with Xario 100.
  • The system supports various advanced imaging technologies such as Precision Imaging, which improves visualization of borders and tissues, ApliPure, which increases contrast resolution, and Differential THI, which maintains high resolution when imaging deep regions.