Aquilion PRIME CT Scanner
Aquilion PRIME

Imaging with no compromise for every patient, every time.

System upgrades that fit your needs.
Today, tomorrow and beyond.

Providing the best care to all of your patients should be simple. That is why Aquilion™ PRIME is designed the way imaging technology should be – with the ability to scan more patients and offer a better CT experience.

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Aquilion PRIME CT System Faster Exams with Lower Dose

Boost Department Efficiency
Adaptive Diagnostic features that improve accuracy and workflow.

Advanced Technologies Standard
Industry-leading, automated dose reduction capabilities improve patient safety and increase quality of care, including AIDR 3D technology and XR-29 compliance standard on all systems.

Expand Access to More Patients
Designed for pediatric to bariatric and everyone in between, with Tech Assist Lateral Slide* to improve interventional imaging access and make patient adjustments safer.


System upgrades that fit your needs.

Scalable Technology

The small footprint of the Aquilion PRIME allows installation in tight rooms, maximizing existing layouts and workspace.

Scalable Technology

Aquilion PRIME with Scalable Detector Rows Slices

*coneXact double slice reconstruction

Clinical Gallery

SURESubtraction*, Brain Hemorrhage

SURESubtraction, Brain Hemorrhage

A CT scan of the head was performed with and without intravenous iodinated contrast on an 8-year-old male. Refined bone registration algorithm and SURESubtraction software were applied to the images.

Clinical Gallery



Single Energy Metal Artifact Reduction

SEMAR – Single Energy Metal Artifact Reduction

A new fully automatic scan protocol requiring no additional operator input. Single Energy Metal Artifact Reduction (SEMAR) is an essential tool in spine evaluation—effective and fully automatic.

SEMAR Technology

"…Lower dose options for scanning patients in a safer way…"

Timothy J. Sisco, Director of Cardiovascular and Imaging Services, Houston Healthcare

Aquilion PRIME Experience

8.4 cm of lateral table movement

Tech-Assist Lateral Slide*

Tech Assist Lateral Slide – Help Technologists Position CT Patients

Canon Medical Systems' unique Tech Assist Lateral table movement helps technologists in positioning and moving patients.

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