Aquilion Prime SP CT Scanner Benefits

Take the Lead with Greater Patient Satisfaction

Patient Experience

Industry-leading dose reduction capabilities increase safety from start to finish. Together with advanced ergonomic features, Aquilion Prime SP improves the quality of care for patients while ensuring a better CT experience.

Aquilion Prime SP Patient Experience
Aquilion Prime SP Wide Open Low Bore

Wide, open and low, put your patients at ease

  • 78 cm gantry bore
  • 47 cm couch width
  • 2000 mm scan range
  • 33 cm minimum couch top height, flexible table height for all age groups and the physically challenged
  • 660 lbs capacity couch
  • Tech Assist Lateral Slide option allows you to move the table 8.4 cm from side to side

A better balance between image quality and dose.


PUREOptics provides significantly improved imaging efficiency from photon generation to detection. An optimized beam spectrum combined with a more efficient detector result in a better balance between image quality and dose.

Patient specific beam shaping filters provide an optimized X-ray spectrum and more homogenous distribution, improving low contrast detectability by up to:

  • 19% improved LCD at equivalent dose—brain*
  • 22% improved LCD at equivalent dose—body*
  • 31% dose reduction at equivalent LCD—body*

*A non-prewhitening model observer study was conducted comparing Aquilion Prime SP to the Aquilion PRIME. Dose reduction values were established by comparing low contrast detectability under baseline conditions for abdominal and brain examination. Based on the detectability index performance metric, a measure of signal to noise that takes into account the magnitude and texture of both the signal and the noise for a given LCD task.

4th generation radiation dose reduction

AIDR 3D Enhanced

AIDR 3D Enhanced has been developed as the next step in the evolution of noise reduction technology. This iterative algorithm removes noise in the raw and image data space, by analyzing and processing the data repeatedly.

Learn More About AIDR 3D Enhanced

Aquilion CT AIDR 3D Enhanced Dose Reduction

Aquilion CT AIDR 3D Enhanced

Maximize existing layouts and workspace

Compact Design

  • The small footprint of the Aquilion Prime SP allows installation in tight rooms
  • Installation space of just 14.8m²*

*When the short couch is installed

Aquilion Prime SP Compact Design

Image More Patients and Do it Faster

Enhanced Workflow

Aquilion CT SURE Technologies

Automate Exams

Conduct quicker exams with Canon Medical Systems' suite of SURETechnologies that streamline procedures for a range of applications.

Aquilion CT Image Quality

Enhance Image Quality

Diagnose with accuracy and speed thanks to the smallest slice thickness available of 0.5 mm.

Aquilion CT Reconstruction Speed

Improve Productivity

Accelerate your workflow with the industry's fastest reconstruction speed of up to 70 images per second.

A simple solution to position patients quickly and efficiently

Tech-Assist Lateral Slide*

When every second counts you need imaging equipment to work for you. The Aquilion Prime SP power assisted positioning expedites the set-up of patients and reduces the heavy lifting required by the attending care team.

  • 8.4 cm of lateral table movement
  • Assist technologist in positioning and moving patient
  • Center patient in CT bore, improved mA modulation (dose) and image resolution
Tech-Assist Demo


Aquilion Prime SP CT Tech-Assist Lateral Slide

Power Save Mode

Decreased energy consumption for an improved total cost of ownership solution

Sleep mode with user selected times to turn off the following:

  • Gantry direct drive motor
  • Couch motors
  • Couch motors
  • Generator main power
Aquilion Prime SP CT Power Save Mode
Aquilion Prime SP CT Power Save Mode