Infinix-i Sky Angiography System
Infinix-i Sky

Unprecedented flexibility and integration.

Unparalleled Access and Coverage

Infinix-i Sky

The Infinix-i C-arm is designed to move around you and your patient so procedures can be performed more comfortably, safely and efficiently.

  • Achieve optimal angulations with unprecedented head-to-toe and fingertip-to-fingertip coverage
  • Continuously maintains a heads-up display during compound angles with synchronized rotating collimator and FPDs
  • Access Halo ensures unobstructed head-end work space to improve patient access for staff and ancillary equipment
Infinix-i Sky

270-degree rotation

270-degree gantry pivot and full-body coverage.

270-degree rotation

Ideally Suited for the OR

When paired with a Maquet Magnus OR Table (shown), the Infinix-i Sky C-arm is ideally suited for the OR environment. Maquet Magnus OR Table features:

  • Integrated table functionality with C-arm
  • Removable tabletops (Modular and Radiology)
Maquet Magnus OR Table

Clinical Gallery

Multi Modality Fusion

A 3D image acquired by CT and MRI, a fluoroscopic image, and a device-enhanced image extracted from the fluoroscopic image can be superimposed and displayed.

Clinical Gallery

Multi Modality Fusion

Detector Size Choices

Three different FPD sizes are available depending on coverage needed.

12 x 16 Flat Panel Detector

12" x 16"
Designed primarily for vascular, but can perform cardiac imaging.

12 x 12 Flat Panel Detector

12" x 12"
Designed for cardiovascular procedures.

8 x 8 Flat Panel Detector

8" x 8"
Designed primarily for cardiac imaging.

Detector Size Choices Not all flat panel detector sizes are available on all systems.

Clinical Segments

Canon Medical Systems Infinix-i Systems have been designed for mechanical flexibility. Our exclusive configurations drive efficient resource utilization, across multiple clinical disciplines.