Alphenix Angiography System

Redefine Intervention.

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Beyond The Image

The new Alphenix family of interventional systems deliver images with greater clarity and precision. Combined with industry-leading dose optimization technologies, enhanced workflow, and a new set of features, Alphenix continues Canon Medical's commitment to supporting you and your mission to provide patients with safe, accurate and fast imaging.

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Alphenix Biplane
Alphenix Sky+
Alphenix Hybrid+
Alphenix Sky
Alphenix Core+
Alphenix 4D CT

Alphenix 4D CT

True CT imaging prior, during, and after the interventional procedures.

New hardware. New capabilities.

Alphenix 4D CT

CT system—Aquilion ONE GENESIS Edition:

  • Up to 16 cm z-axis coverage
  • 0.5 mm × 320 PUREViSION detector
  • PUREViSION Optics
  • 0.275 sec rotation
  • 100 kW GENESIS generator
  • Wide detector 78 cm bore

Interventional X-ray system—Alphenix Sky +:

  • Double sliding C-arm and 12x16 flat panel
  • Innovative C-arm flip, lateral flexibility, speed, and full body 3D imaging capability
  • Alphenix Sky + offers innovative ImagingRite technology to generate a 3D image anytime, anywhere
  • CAT—880 tilt table
Enhanced Workflow

Streamlined workflow and unprecedented range of patient access and coverage.

  • Move the system, not the patient. Alphenix provides outstanding patient access from virtually any angle.
  • Control at your fingertips. The tableside Alphenix tablet delivers a fast, seamless and rich work experience.
  • A feature-rich workstation to boost productivity. The new Alphenix Workstation seamlessly integrates applications to help you plan, analyze and perform interventional procedures.
Image Quality

Optimize image quality while reducing exposure.

  • New hardware and software technologies provide you with confidence when making clinical decisions.
  • See and deploy complex devices with confidence. Optional hi-def imaging* allows you to effortlessly zoom up to 1.5” resolution.

* Hi-def imaging available with the Alphenix INFX-8000V, TPF-1200C

New High-Definition Detector

Seamless Workflow

Standard FOV:

  • 12"
  • 10"
  • 8"
  • 6"

Hi-Def Zoom:

  • 3"
  • 2.3"
  • 1.5"

Hi-Def: PED (Φ5mm, L20mm)

New High-Definition Detector

Clinical Examples

Aneurysm Stenting (Flow Diverter)

Frontal (6" Standard FOV)

Lateral (1.5" Hi-Def Zoom)

Carotid Stenting

Lateral (8" Standard FOV)

Frontal (3" Hi-Def Zoom)

Stent-Assisted Coiling

Lateral (6" Standard FOV)

Frontal (2.3" Hi-Def Zoom)

Dose Management

Industry-leading dose management tools provide benefits to patients and clinical staff.

Canon Medical Systems' dose management innovations focus on four fundamental areas of system performance—time, distance, shielding and technology—while maintaining image quality.

DoseRite Chart