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December 2, 2020

Canon Medical Unveils Expanded Digital Service Solutions

Smart Collaborations Deliver Powerful Digital Offerings that Bolster Cybersecurity, Parts Distribution and Analytics

TUSTIN, CALIF., Dec. 2, 2020 – Canon Medical is taking its industry-leading service to new heights by deepening existing partnerships, and creating new ones, to expand digital service offerings that reduce complexity and create maximum value for healthcare facilities.

“As the needs of healthcare institutions get more complex, it’s essential that our Service keep pace and continue to provide our customers with the peace of mind that their systems are up and running properly and efficiently, with the parts they need and that the systems, networks and patient information are secure,” said Dominic Smith, vice president, Service Field & Sales, Canon Medical Systems USA, Inc. “It was imperative to Canon Medical to find the right partners to broaden our digital Service capabilities, and with Barracuda, PartsSource and Glassbeam, we’re able to bring our solutions to the next level that our customers are looking for.”

Gateway Platinum MVS: A Cybersecurity Solution with Multi-Vendor Support

Cyberattacks continue to be a vexing challenge for healthcare providers. At the same time, many facilities struggle to support equipment from various vendors. To bridge this gap, Canon Medical is expanding its successful partnership with Barracuda to protect all fixed OEM diagnostic imaging products, regardless of vendor, with multiple layers of protection.

Gateway Platinum MVS powered by Barracuda is built to counter cyberattacks, viruses and other threats that can negatively impact operations and derail customer confidence. The sophisticated solution offers integrated and proprietary cybersecurity, environmental monitoring, dynamic alerts and reports, advanced intrusion protection and a secure VPN and encrypted data transfers to the Canon Medical Control Center and the OEM control center. And, along with the Barracuda NextGen firewall and alerts to notify Canon Risk Management team of attacks, Gateway Platinum MVS delivers peace of mind that information is secure across systems and networks.

Glassbeam Clinsights: Valuable Analytics for Increased Productivity

The majority of healthcare providers have little insight into how their systems are being used across sites. These unknowns, from machine efficiencies to system usage, can have an outsize financial impact. With the strong belief that knowledge is power, Canon Medical has partnered with Glassbeam Technology to provide analytics to empower providers to make the most of their systems.

The breakthrough technology goes far beyond serving up data from a scanner. ClinsightsÔ produces dashboards and reports from across facilities that capture vital information such as analyses and tracking of physician performance, physician referral and exam scheduling. Dose analytics include monitoring and tracking dose compliance, and even benchmarks against other organizations. The innovative product uses AI modeling to generate proactive maintenance alerts, so customers can stay one step ahead.

PartsSource: An E-commerce Distribution Marketplace

The medical parts supply chain can be complicated to navigate. To mitigate the complexity, Canon Medical has partnered with PartsSource, a technology-driven marketplace that brings data, automation and evidence-based decision-making tools to digital parts distribution. The company offers OEMs and suppliers e-commerce solutions that simplify the process to participate in the online parts and service marketplace. As part of this unique partnership, Canon Medical and PartsSource are working together to build a new e-commerce platform that will be rolled out in early 2021.

Canon Medical is showcasing its digital Service solutions at this year’s virtual Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) annual meeting from Nov. 29 – Dec. 5, 2020. Learn more here:

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