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November 30, 2020

Canon Medical Offers AI-Powered Stroke Triage With Automation Platform AUTOStroke Solution for CT

Advanced Healthcare IT AI Solution Can Speed Up Clinical Response and Help Increase Diagnostic Confidence to Take Patient Care to the Next Level

TUSTIN, CALIF., Nov. 30, 2020 – With stroke, the key to improving outcomes is speed. However, busy facilities don’t always have the luxury of knowing when an immediate intervention is needed. To help clinicians identify and triage stroke as quickly as possible, Canon Medical Systems USA, Inc. is launching Automation Platform AUTOStroke, an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered deep-learning clinical workflow automation solution for CT. AUTOStroke integrates a comprehensive set of applications that automatically delivers accurate and fast clinical insights to emergency and stroke teams.

Once the patient is scanned using a Canon Medical CT system, AUTOStroke uses deep learning AI algorithms, including Bayesian CTP+ with a zero click workflow, to automatically complete triage and to help identify large vessel occlusions or intracranial hemorrhages. When it sees a critical case that needs immediate attention, an alert is sent to clinicians so that they can mobilize and respond as fast as possible, and the patient can quickly receive the appropriate treatment. With advanced AI intelligence for stroke, clinicians can feel confident they are delivering the highest level of patient care for those who need it most urgently.

“The deep learning Automation Platform launched by Canon Medical Healthcare IT provides value to Canon’s Medical’s Collaborative imaging and streamlines the end-to-end clinical workflow for our customers,” said Masahiro Fuse, deputy general manager, HIT Business Unit, Canon Medical Systems Corporation, Japan. “The AUTOStroke solution integrates a comprehensive set of applications to help you quickly streamline findings, activate the stroke team, and deliver fast, actionable results.”

“By harnessing the power of AI, Canon Medical is once again advancing innovation and putting patient care and diagnostic confidence at the very center,” said Erin Angel, managing director, CT Business Unit, Canon Medical Systems USA, Inc.  “AUTOStroke seamlessly integrates AI into the patient journey to ultimately help improve outcomes.” This expands Canon Medical’s AI offerings from CT acquisition with Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE) Deep Learning Reconstruction (DLR) technology through analysis with AUTOStroke. AiCE DLR technology, which allows for sharp, clear, and distinct images, at low-dose, is now widely available across Canon Medical’s CT radiology portfolio.

AUTOStroke will be showcased at this year’s virtual RSNA meeting. To visit Canon Medical’s unique, immersive experience, click here.

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