Canon Medical Systems Sonography Machine Xario g-series
Xario g-series

Go Anywhere Anytime.

Xario g-series

Go Anywhere Anytime.

Xario’s proven high image quality and a full spectrum of clinical applications help you provide optimal patient care.

  • Combines outstanding performance with amazing mobility
  • With up to 8 hours of battery, fast boot-up and its smart standby technology, the system is ideal for mobile work in a hospital or clinic.
Xario 200G Features: Ultra-fast boot-up, Wireless, Up to 8 hours*, Cable-free

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*2 hours standard, extra hours with optional packages
Canon Medical Systems Ultrasound Equipment Xario g-series

More clinical detail in less time.*

Imaging & Applications.

Only the best image quality allows you to make a diagnosis quickly and with confidence. Xario’s imaging technologies provides you with superb image quality by reducing noise, strengthening signal and improving visualization.


*Compared to Xario 100MX
Imaging & Applications.
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Powerful Battery Powerful Battery

Xario 200G offers total freedom with extended battery life, allowing you to provide optimum patient care anywhere, anytime.


Exceptional detail, diagnostic confidence.

iStyle™+ Productivity Suite

Canon Medical Systems’ unique iStyle+ Productivity Suite enables faster exams and greater productivity by reducing keystrokes, improving workflow and raising the consistency of exams.


Exceptional detail, diagnostic confidence. iStyle+ Productivity Suite


Xario g-series

Designed to reduce operator stress and increase efficiency, our lightweight transducers feature outstanding clinical versatility, ergonomic super-flexible cables, delivering superb image quality for a wide range of clinical applications.

New for 2019 is the 17LH7 hockey stick transducer for ease of access with a small footprint.

Ultrasound transducers