1.5T Quiet MR Scanner
Vantage Titan 1.5T Zen Edition MRI

Zen Edition

Quiet. Intelligent. Complete.

1.5T Short Bore MR

The Ultimate, Patient-Friendly MR.

Vantage Titan™ / Zen Edition 1.5T MR enhances comfort and compliance with a unique range of exclusive, patient-friendly features that create a safe and pleasant scanning environment, resulting in faster exams. Raising throughput and productivity, these features ensure patient satisfaction and help increase referrals from physicians.

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Quiet. Intelligent. Complete.

Zen Edition

The Zen Edition prioritizes intelligent workflows, patient comfort, and provides a complete clinical offering to make diagnosis and scanning a great experience every step of the way.

Vantage Titan 1.5T Zen Edition MRI

Quiet and comfortable

  • MR Theater¹
  • Pianissimo™ Zen
    • mUTE 3D T1
    • mUTE 4D-MRA
    • FASE-DWI

Vantage Titan 1.5T Zen Edition MRI

Intelligent technology

  • EasyTech¹
    • SUREVOI™ Cardiac
    • CardioLine+
    • NeuroLine+
    • SpineLine

Vantage Titan 1.5T Zen Edition MRI

Complete clinical solution

  • UTE Ultrashort TE¹
  • T2*¹
  • PSIR Phase Sensitive Inversion Recovery¹
  • MOLLI MOdified Look-Locker Inversion recovery¹


Quiet and comfortable

Unique acoustic noise reduction suites.

Pianissimo Zen

  • Pianissimo Zen Sequences
    • mUTE 3D T1
    • mUTE 4D-MRA
    • FASE-DWI
  • Pianissimo + mUTE sequences
    • Less than 0.3dB acoustic noise increase over the ambient noise (Absolute Value: Less than 58 dB*)

*99% reduction by unit of Loudness level "dB" and 97% reduction by unit of perceived loudness "Sone" depending on the condition of usage and examination.

Pianissimo Zen

Pianissimo Zen Sequences

Providing a patient-friendly examination environment.

Acoustic Shielding Technology

MR Theater*

In-bore visuals enhance patient comfort, thereby helping to put your patients at ease.

Patients undergoing MR exams will find a relaxing environment with Canon Medical Systems' new MR Theater. Creating an immersive virtual experience for patients, the new MR Theater gives patients a visual focal point to distract them from the exam, encouraging them to relax and stay still, enabling clinicians to produce efficient, high-quality imaging.

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*MR Theater is applicable to Vantage Titan

MR Theater

Intelligent technology

EasyTech—Fast, high-quality cardiac exams

SUREVOI™ Cardiac and CardioLine+ allow you to significantly reduce the scan time and increase throughput. Challenging cardiac examinations can now be performed as part of your daily routine.

SUREVOI Cardiac View Example

SUREVOI™ Cardiac Cardiac

Automatic detection of heart and liver with a non-rigid model allows for full workflow automation from table positioning to the Real-time Motion Correction (RMC), probe placement and fully automated cardiac planning.

CardioLine Cardiac View Example

CardioLine+ Cardiac

CardioLine+ automatically identifies the 14 standard cardiac planes including right and left ventricle, as well as the four cardiac valves in a single breath-hold scan.

More EasyTech Tools

Complete Clinical Solutions—Cardiac Package

T2* Mapping

Take your cardiac workflow one step further with T2* mapping. By utilizing Canon Medical Systems' updated FFE2D mEcho sequence, T2* maps can be used in the quantification and analysis of myocardial iron overload.

Optional on Vantage Titan 1.5T and Elan only.


Post-processed by Vitrea™/Medis

Phase Sensitive Inversion Recovery (PSIR)*

PSIR in the heart provides improved contrast in late-enhanced imaging by using a more robust nulling of healthy myocardial signal without the need for an inversion time (TI) calibration scan. By eliminating the need for calibration, cardiac examinations can be completed with fewer breath holds and greater patient comfort.

The images of PSIR are from Heart Institute (Instituto do Coração), University of Sao Paulo Medical School, Brazil.



Left : Delayed Enhancement, Right : PSIR

MOdified Look-Locker Inversion recovery (MOLLI)¹

Expand your cardiac toolset with T1 mapping, allowing you to acquire a much more quantitative characterization of myocardial tissue.² Canon Medical Systems' T1 mapping utilizes a MOLLI sequence, enabling the acquisition of a full T1 map within a single breath hold.

The images of MOLLI are from Heart Institute (Instituto do Coração), University of Sao Paulo Medical School, Brazil.

¹ Optional
² Post processed with Vitrea™/Medis


Post-processed by Vitrea/Medis


Post-processed by Vitrea/Medis

More Clinical Solutons

Canon Medical Systems' industry leading non-contrast techniques allow for vascular imaging from head to toe.

Clinical Gallery

This exclusive technology expands patient access to MR angiography and dramatically improves patient safety.

Clinical Gallery

MR Non Contrast Imaging

Improved Performance – Better Workflow

The shortest magnet with the largest clinical FOV currently available in the industry. With a 71 cm aperture and a 1.5T ultra-short, open-bore, Vantage Titan™ provides outstanding image quality without compromise.


  • Shortest Magnet 1.4m
  • Widest Aperture 71cm
  • Pianissimo Zen Quiet Scan Environment
  • Highest Homogeneity
  • Integrated Coils
  • Feet First Imaging
  • < 2ppm, 50cm FOV (Z Axis)
  • Scalable RF platform
  • Wireless Gating

Vantage Titan Technology

1.5 Tesla MR Open Bore and Large Field of View

Empowering you to do more.


M-Power was designed by the Technologist for Technologists. This intuitive user interface makes Work flow and post processing applications as easy as 1, 2, 3.

M-Power Technology

1.5T MR Workflow Efficiency M-Power
1.5 Tesla MR Quiet MR Scans


The new Titan 1.5T series is scalable throughout the Titan family.
The magnet stays in place.

Scalable Technology