Aquilion ONE GENESIS Edition CT Scanner Technology

Deep Learning Reconstruction

See through the noise

The Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE), an innovative approach to CT reconstruction, uses Deep Learning to distinguish true signal from noise to deliver sharp, clear and distinct images at speed. Trained using vast amounts of high-quality image data, AiCE provides enhanced anatomical resolution across the whole body1 including brain, lung, cardiac and musculoskeletal systems.

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Aquilion ONE GENESIS Edition and AiCE

AiCE deep learning reconstruction images feature:

  • Our best low-contrast resolution, ever1,3
  • Dose neutral industry-leading ultra-high resolution2
  • Improved low-contrast detectability, noise and spatial resolution relative to hybrid iterative reconstruction
  • Image noise texture more similar to FBP compared to MBIR reconstruction3
  • Fast reconstruction
  • Easy workflow

11.5mm @ 0.3%, 22.6 mGy for Genesis. 1.5mm@ 0.3%, 21.8 mGy for Prime SP
2Aquilion Precision, Dose neutral between Ultra-high resolution mode with AiCE and normal resolution mode with hybrid iterative reconstruction
3Aquilion ONE / GENESIS Edition

Deep Learning Spectral*

World's first Spectral Deep Learning reconstruction

16 cm1 Wide-Area
Spectral CT

Aquilion ONE PRISM Deep Learning Spectral
Aquilion ONE PRISM Deep Learning Spectral

An extensive suite of
Spectral analysis applications2

Aquilion ONE PRISM Deep Learning Spectral

Full Spectral Transformation

The advantage of Deep Learning Spectral reconstruction is it's ability to transform multi-energy raw data sets into two full high and low energy separated sinograms. This provides excellent energy separation for Spectral analysis with the high resolution and low noise properties you would expect from a routine diagnostic CT exam.

1Available on Aquilion ONE / INSIGHT Edition, Aquilion ONE / Prism Edition, Aquilion ONE / GENESIS Edition
2In combination with Vitrea® Advanced & Visualization

Every heart, Covered

Cardiovascular disease is on the rise. In fact, one person dies every 33 seconds in the United States from cardiovascular disease.* With CT positioned as a first-line diagnostic tool addressing the evolving needs of cardiac imaging, your ability to deliver high quality, consistent CT studies is critical to outcomes. Your patients deserve the best technology available, and so do you. Canon Medical—the creator of one-beat cardiac CT—delivers.

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*Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Website 2023

Every heart, Covered

Variable Helical Pitch with three phases (vHP3)*

Enables multiple specialized studies within a single scan.

vHP 3-Phase* allows three scans to be performed in a single acquisition, seamlessly transitioning between scan parameters optimized for each body region. vHP 3-Phase* has potential for less contrast media1 and lower radiation dose by providing the flexibility to seamlessly transition:

  • Between ECG Gating on and off during a cardiac scan
  • Between dose and image quality during a CAP scan
  • Between fast and detailed pitch during a trauma scan

*Option, Available on Aquilion ONE / INSIGHT Edition, Aquilion ONE / Prism Edition, Aquilion ONE / GENESIS Edition, Aquilion Serve SP and Aquilion Prime SP
1Optimization of contrast usage is only recommended within the dosing ranges that appear in approved iodinated contrast drug labeling.

Stroke Assessment in Under 5 Minutes*

When time is brain, every second counts

Providing comprehensive stroke evaluation with whole brain1 perfusion imaging and 4D digital subtraction* angiography of the intracranial circulation in just one minute.

After the scan, during the time it takes to get a patient out of the CT room, the 4D brain perfusion2 Vitrea software evaluates flow and perfusion defects ensuring you have all the diagnostic information you need to make the appropriate treatment decision in under five minutes.

Technology Highlights:

  • 320 detector row system, 0.5mm x 3201
  • Up to 640 slices with coneXact* double slice reconstruction 16 cm z-axis ultra-high-resolution coverage1
  • Advanced Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE) Deep Learning Reconstruction
  • Vitrea Advanced Visualization*2

1Available on the Aquilion ONE / INSIGHT Edition, Aquilion ONE / Prism Edition, Aquilion ONE / Genesis Edition
2Available with Vitrea Advanced Visualization
Images Courtesy of Radboud UMC, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

CT Guided Interventions*

Simple and Streamlined

Optimize interventional procedures with our new hybrid CT touch-panel*1 interface for CT guided interventions that enables one-handed operation thanks to ergonomically designed controls and a versatile touchscreen tablet.

Plus, with Canon Medical's iterative reconstruction you now have real-time access to the high-quality low-dose images.

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1Hybrid Touch Panel CT Fluoroscopy is available on Aquilion ONE / INSIGHT Edition, Aquilion ONE / PRISM edition, Aquilion Serve SP, Aquilion Prime SP, Aquilion Exceed LB and Aquilion Lightning.

Aquilion ONE PRISM CT Fluoroscopy

Patient Centric Design

Wide, open and low, put your patients at ease

  • 78 cm gantry bore
  • 47 cm couch width
  • 2000 mm scan range1
  • 33 cm minimum couch top height, flexible table height for all age groups and the physically challenged
  • 694 lbs1 capacity couch
  • Tech Assist Lateral Slide* option allows you to move the table 8.4 cm from side to side

1Dependent on system configuration

Patient Centric Design

Tech Assist Lateral Slide*

A couch designed for patient and technologist safety.

Advanced Couch Design* improves safety and comfort by providing a tool to mechanically move the patient to the correct position with the push of a button. Tech Assist Lateral Slide helps reduce the risk of injury to the patient and the technologist.

Tech Assist Demo


Tech Assist Lateral Slide

Once on the table, perfect positioning—no push, no pull.


Helps reduce rescans in time critical situations.

  • Accurately center and position the patient by scan plan GUI
    • Up-Down
    • Left-Right (option with Tech Assist Lateral Slide)*
  • Provides the ability to always perform iso-center scanning for best IQ, without re-centering and re-scanning the patient
  • System generates new (virtual) scanogram—never repeat scanogram


Compact Design

Economize on space, not on performance.

  • Smaller, lighter and requires less power than other premium CT systems
  • Designed for an installation space of just 19 m2* (204 sq ft)
  • Can be installed into most existing CT rooms, avoiding costly renovations
204 square ft Installation Space, 125 kVA Power Capacity, 5,159 lb Gantry Weight

*Dependent on system configuration