Aquilion ONE GENESIS Edition CT Scanner

Better care using whole organ dynamic CT protocols.

Functional Imaging

16 cm of dynamic volume coverage allowing the acquisition of anatomical and functional data within the same acquisition and with whole organ coverage.

Computed Tomography Functional Imaging
Computed Tomography Improving CT Workflow

Adaptive Diagnostics

Helps eliminate variability in scanning with the industry's best solutions.

Lowering CT dose and improving workflow are not choices that clinicians should have to make, so Canon Medical Systems CT is putting customers first by providing the industry’s best solutions to solve these challenges. To make complex exams easier, lower dose and improve diagnostic accuracy and reproducibility, Canon Medical Systems is introducing its Adaptive Diagnostics CT technology.


SURESubtraction™ has the ability to remove bone and calcium from data sets while allowing clinicians to view tumors or arteries at risk. Currently available for brain, carotid, ortho and lung exams.

Using Canon Medical Systems' fully automated non-rigid registration algorithm, bone, calcium and stent subtraction can be accomplished using a low dose unenhanced scan prior to contrast delivery. Superior visualization of the vertebral arteries and internal carotids can be seen, saving time and improving diagnostic accuracy.

SURESubtraction Demo

Computed Tomography SureSubtraction Bone Removal

Single Energy Metal Artifact Reduction


Canon Medical Systems' SEMAR (Single Energy Metal Artifact Reduction) utilizes a sophisticated iterative reconstruction technique to reduce metallic artifact, improving visualization of implants, supporting bone and the adjacent soft tissues for a clearer and more confident diagnosis. SEMAR can be set in the scan protocol so the reconstructions are fully automatic requiring no additional operator input.


Cardiac Adaptive Motion Correction Cardiac Adaptive Motion Correction

Wide Volume CTA

Triage chest pain in minutes.

Wide volume scanning allows for large anatomical areas (greater than 16 cm) to be covered quickly and to be reconstructed and reviewed in one image data set.

Wide Volume CTA Demo

Computed Tomography SURECardio Wide Volume CTA

Prospective CTA

Acquires a Cardiac CTA with volumetric temporal resolution and contrast uniformity in ONE 0.275 sec rotation of the gantry and within ONE heartbeat.

Prospective CTA Demo

Computed Tomography  SURECardio Prospective CTA

ONE Beat

Coronaries, wall motion, ejection fraction and functional analysis in ONE heart beat.

ONE Beat Demo

Computed Tomography  SURECardio ONE Beat

Multi Segment Reconstruction

Prospective, automated for higher heart rates.

Multi Segment Reconstruction Demo

Computed Tomography  SURECardio Multi Segment Reconstruction

Volume Arrhythmia Detection

A safe and reproducible diagnostic study with every cardiac scan.

Volume Arrhythmia detection will automatically adapt the scan protocol for unstable or higher heart rates, ensuring diagnostic image quality.

Arrhythmia Detection Demo Cardiac Clinical Gallery

Computed Tomography Volumetric CT with arrhythmia detection

Structural Heart Interventional Planning

Volumetric, Ultra Helical combined.

The ability to scan multiple vascular territories with CT is used to plan complex interventional procedures like TAVI or TAVR, where gating is needed through the heart and not through the abdominal aorta and femoral arteries.

These patients often have impaired renal function therefore it is important to reduce the contrast volume as much as possible. The minimum radiation dose should always be delivered.

Structural Heart Interventional Planning Demo

Computed Tomography SURECardio Structural Heart Interventional Planning

Compensate for coronary motion.

Cardiac Adaptive Motion Correction

AMC is an adaptive motion correction algorithm that enhances the visibility of the coronary segments with motion.

  • Reducing cardiac motion for patients with higher heart rates
  • Compensate for motion within coronaries
Cardiac Adaptive Motion Correction Cardiac Adaptive Motion Correction

Triage your chest pain patients in a single exam with anatomical and functional information.

CT Myocardial Perfusion

CT Myocardial Perfusion will allow visualization of non-reversible perfusion defects (hypo/hyper dense areas) in patients with angina or with a previous myocardial infarct.

Aquilion ONE / GENESIS Edition

Step 1:

Volumetric CACS

Aquilion ONE / GENESIS Edition

Step 2:

Volumetric CTA

Aquilion ONE / GENESIS Edition

Step 3:

Volumetric CTP

Assess the whole body in one scan

Variable Helical Pitch with three phases (vHP3)

Overall faster scan times make vHP3 compliant to the needs of the patient, and shorten exam times for trauma imaging when every second is critical. A single series reconstruction enables several studies to be interpreted simultaneously for faster reading.

  • May decrease radiation dose to the patient
  • May decrease the amount of IV contrast needed
  • May improve the workflow for complex clinical exams

Helps reduce rescans in time critical situations


  • Accurately center and position the patient by scan plan GUI
    • Up-Down
    • Left-Right (option with Tech Assist Lateral Slide)
  • Scanning in iso-center for optimal image quality
  • System generates new (virtual) scanogram—never repeat scanogram
SUREPosition Demo
Aquilion ONE / GENESIS Edition

Acute Stroke and Neuro

One exam with 50 cc's of contrast and 5 mSv of dose will acquire whole brain perfusion as well as a dynamic CTA with automatic bone subtraction. Entire study can be acquired in 60 seconds and with Vitrea's automatic processing, provides perfusion maps and CT DSA information ready to review in 4.5 minutes from anywhere in your network.

Acute Stroke and Neuro Demo

Computed Tomography Acute Stroke and Neuro

Dual Energy

Dual Energy uses two energies during one CT scan, providing clinicians with more data to help quantify and characterize anatomy and lesions. As a result, exam times and radiation dose are both reduced.

Volume Dual Energy

Taking advantage of the wide detector array of Aquillion ONE, 2 rotations are acquired at low and high kV, mA is automatically adjusted to maintain similar noise characteristics. Projections are matched with orbital synchronization and no table movement is required.

Dual Energy Demo

Computed Tomography Dual Energy