Alphenix Interventional Systems

Next-generation of Interventional Systems.

Hybrid OR


The Hybrid OR market is growing but the pace of growth is now lower than in recent years. The increase in TAVR and Aortic stent procedures is driving market growth in large hospitals.

3Mensio LAA Planning¹

Plan Left Atrial Appendage Interventions

The LAA workflow assistant helps quickly assess left atrial appendage shape and orientation to select the right device for your patient.

  1. Easy recognition of thrombus
  2. Assess Anatomy of LAA
  3. Landing Zone / Ostium Measurements
  4. C-arm Angulation
LAA Planning

3Mensio Mitral Valve Planning¹

Plan Mitral Valve Replacement Interventions

A single mouse click provides multiple viewing orientations to assess the mitral valve.

  1. Locate and Trace Valve
  2. Measure
  3. Route Assessment
  4. C-arm Angulation
3Mensio Mitral Valve Planning

3Mensio Pulmonary Valve Planning¹

Plan Percutaneous Pulmonary Valve Implantations

Determine the anatomy and dimensions of the patient's pulmonary trunk and surrounding tissue.

  1. Measure
  2. Annotate Coronary Arteries
  3. Virtual Stent
  4. C-arm Angulation
3Mensio Pulmonary Valve Planning

3Mensio Tricuspid Valve Planning¹

Pre-plan Transcatheter Tricuspid Valve Repair Procedures

Determine the anatomy and dimensions of the patient's tricuspid valve and surrounding tissue.

  1. Measure
  2. Annotate Coronary Arteries
  3. Virtual Stent
  4. C-arm Angulation
3Mensio Tricuspid Valve Planning

3Mensio TAVR Planning¹

CT Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) Planning assists with the assessment of the aortic valve and in pre-operative planning and post-operative evaluation of transcatheter aortic valve replacement procedures.

3Mensio TAVR Planning

2D Coronary Angio

Single Axis Rotational DA

The system has integrated multiple forms of rotation technology to include high-speed C-arm rotation for 3-D acquisition and 2-D rotational capabilities.

2D Coronary Angio

2D Coronary Angio

3D Angio

Fast and Intuitive Workflow

3D rotational speed up to 50 deg/sec

3D Angio 3D Angio Demo

3D Roadmap

Turn 3D Acquisitions into Live Fluoro Roadmaps

3D image display changes according to the system conditions such as the C-arm angle, SID, field size, tabletop height, and tabletop panning.

3D Roadmap

3D Roadmap

Alpha CT

To supplement 3D imaging, CT-like Imaging is available to support visualization of anatomy or pathology during interventional procedures.

Multi phase CBCT:

  • Up to 3 CBCT continuous acquisitions phases are available to support the planning for TACE (Transcatheter Arterial Chemoembolization)
  • Head
  • Neck
  • Body
  • Device
  • Vessel
  • MAR

Dynamic Trace

Can be used in combination with DSA or to supplement DSA or for stand-alone imaging Dynamic Trace reduces the effects of the bones and enhances background compression to emphasize the blood vessels.

Dynamic Trace

Dynamic Trace

Instant Roadmap

Auto Peak Contrast Detection

Automatic image adjustment during fluoro.

Instant Roadmap

Instant Roadmap

Multi-Modality Fusion

Enhanced visualization during interventional procedures.

Canon Medical's roadmap function enables 3D CT or MR Volume data to be superimposed on the live fluoro display. This feature provides additional views of the vascular anatomy to aid clinicians during interventional procedures.

Multi-Modality Fusion

Multi-Modality Fusion

Parametric Imaging²

  • Video playback with Color Coded Circulation
  • Displays an entire image sequence as a single composite image
  • Color coded in order to characterize contrast media dynamics and allow easier visual evaluation of patients

Parametric parameters include:

  • Time To Peak (TTP)
  • Time To Peak Alpha (TTPα)
  • Peak Height (PH)
  • Area Under Curve (AUC)
  • Time To Arrival (TTA)
  • Time To Arrival Alpha (TTAα)
  • Mean Transit Time (MTT)
Parametric Imaging

¹ Designed and manufactured by Pie Medical Imaging.
² Parametric Imaging software is not intended for stand-alone use or diagnosis.