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September 12, 2017

Toshiba Medical’s Premium Ultrasound System Enhances MSK Imaging

Aplio i800 Provides Optimal Imaging Clarity and Definition to Help Make Quick and Confident MSK Diagnoses

Toshiba Medical’s premium Aplio i800 ultrasound system makes it easier for radiology and orthopedic centers to image musculoskeletal (MSK) structures.

TUSTIN, Calif., Sept. 12, 2017 Making it easier for radiology and orthopedic centers to image musculoskeletal (MSK) structures, the premium AplioTM i800 ultrasound system from Toshiba Medical, a Canon Group company, enables quick imaging for confident diagnoses with an ultra-high-frequency transducer. The Aplio i-series’ 24 MHz transducer enables clinicians to see superficial structures and dynamic muscle movements with great detail and definition, especially ideal for MSK imaging in areas like sports medicine.

The Aplio i800 is a highly advanced ultrasound solution that features iPerformance technologies that deliver extreme processing power and allow healthcare providers to see more, including very fine muscle structures and tendons. A new beam-forming technology, iBeam, optimizes efficiency of the beam, increasing penetration for shoulder and deep muscle imaging, while maintaining outstanding contrast resolution. This, along with the 24 MHz transducer, provides clear advantages in radiology and orthopedic imaging, and can open facilities up to new applications in dermatology and rheumatology, where ultrasound use has previously been limited.

“We develop technologies that focus on delivering safety, comfort and ease of use for our customers and their patients,” said Dan Skyba, director, Ultrasound Business Unit, Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc. “Healthcare providers can be more confident in their diagnoses with the Aplio i800’s enhanced resolution and penetration capabilities, while offering new clinical applications in orthopedic, dermatology and rheumatology with ultrasound, all with improved workflow and potentially lower cost per exam.”

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