Oncology Solutions: Advanced Visualization

Oncology Solutions

Advanced Visualization

Multi-modality applications for streamlined workflows to help you improve efficiency.

Full-powered Solutions for 2D, 3D and 4D

Vitrea® software*

Vitrea® software is a multi-modality advanced visualization system providing comprehensive applications in a variety of IT environments.

Multi-modality applications enhance diagnostic confidence across the organization. By providing access to advanced clinical tools, Vitrea software enables physicians to have meaningful interactions wherever they are.

Advanced imaging tools, such as in-suite 3D viewing and automated measurements, provide physicians with patient information anywhere, anytime. Radiologists can share images throughout their enterprise and collaborate in real-time with other physicians to help achieve better outcomes.

*Optional, designed and manufactured by Vital

Vitrea software

Tumor Assessment

Post-Processing & 3D Visualization Applications

Image processing software solutions feature both viewing and analysis capabilities, innovative MR multiparametric whole body image viewing and post-processing.

Tumor Assessment: Brain



  • Lesion Analysis*
  • Longitudinal analysis*
  • Brain Perfusion*
  • IVIM—Intravoxel Incoherent Motion*
Olea Medical

*Optional, designed and manufactured by Olea Medical

Tumor Assessment: Head & Neck

Head & Neck


  • Multi-Parametric Analysis*
Tumor Assessment: Women's Health

Women's Health


  • Breast MR
  • BI-RADS Reporting Tools*
  • Breast Tumor Follow-Up*
Tumor Assessment: Men's Health

Men's Health


  • Computed DWI (cDWI) Maps
  • Multi-Parametric Analysis
  • PI-RADS Reporting Tools*
  • IVIM—Intravoxel Incoherent Motion*


XD3 Fusion Image Review

The ability to launch Mirada XD3 Fusion directly from the Vitrea advanced visualization solution will allow interpretation of CT, PET and Fused PET/CT images.

Axial, Coronal and Sagittal data sets can be synchronized for better workflow.

Automated SUV regions of interest can be measured on coronal MIP and visualized during 3D rotation of the data.

The combination of Vitrea with Mirada XD3 provides powerful image review capabilities, region quantification and tracking and a customizable reporting tool.

Oncology Fusion Software*

Mirada RTx

Mirada's software tools for supporting radiation therapy treatment planning bring new levels of functionality, speed, and accuracy to the planning process.

  • Multi-modal Deformable Image Registration
  • Comprehensive QA tools enable assessment of Deformable Image Registration
  • PET/CT and MR included in planning
  • Single-click multi-atlas contouring
  • Dose warping and summation
  • Adaptive re-planning
MIRADA Medical

*Optional, designed and manufactured by Mirada Medical

Oncology Fusion Software
Oncology Fusion Software