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November 27, 2018

Canon Medical to Spotlight Comprehensive Cybersecurity Services at RSNA 2018

Multi-Layered Security Protection Features Innovative Technologies to Guard Patient Information

CHICAGO, Nov. 27, 2018 – Cyberattacks, viruses and other malicious threats continue to increase in frequency and sophistication, with HIPAA Journal reporting that more than 400,000 healthcare records were exposed in January 2018 alone.1 To combat these types of attacks, Canon Medical Systems USA, Inc. offers comprehensive cybersecurity services for all new and existing CT, MR and vascular systems to help customers protect patient information. Canon Medical’s approach addresses vulnerabilities on all fronts: firewall and network protection, antivirus software, live monitoring, predictive technologies and a well-trained team that helps customers withstand an attack.

Canon Medical’s cybersecurity services will be showcased at this year’s Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) annual meeting in Chicago, November 25 – 30, 2018 (Booth #1938, South Level 3). Canon Medical’s multifaceted cybersecurity solutions include:

  • Cybersecurity Support: Receive rigorous risk assessment and proactive threat monitoring from Canon Medical’s dedicated world-wide task force, collaborating to discuss vulnerabilities, requests, and risks.
  • Rapid Response – 24×7: Get help you need, when you need it. Canon Medical’s expert engineers and technical staff are available around the clock when you need them for application support, monitoring and recovery guidance.
  • NIST2 Standards Compliant: Upholds ATO certification with the U.S. Air Force for medical imaging equipment since 2014, as the first OEM to achieve this certification. Canon Medical Systems continues to sustain DoD requirements by following the Risk Management Framework and continuously complying with NIST. They also provide strict local authentication with audit controls and logging for a high level of medical security.
  • InnerVision® Plus: Protects patient information, including PHI and PII3, and features predictive security alerts via remote monitoring. InnerVision® Plus services are available 24 hours a day, and if a problem is on-site, diagnostics can be performed to identify and resolve issues quickly and efficiently.
  • Operating Software (OS) Updates: Receive the latest updates for Microsoft operating software and McAfee, and other authorized providers as they are released by Canon Medical.
  • McAfee Solidifier Antivirus: Blocks suspicious files and applications on your network, reduce risk, and eliminate maintenance-heavy list management and application updates.
  • eProtect Firewall Device: Keeps threats from impacting your system by insulating your diagnostic imaging equipment from network traffic.
  • 360º Connect: Access a 24×7 snapshot of their system’s health at any time with 360º Connect, Canon Medical’s cloud-based, online self-service portal.
  • Financial & Operational Risk Mitigation: Manage costs related to downtime, potential lawsuits, RansomWare, and expenses to rebuild records and reconstruct compromised systems.

“Cybersecurity is a growing challenge, as cyber threats targeting hospitals continue to increase, and research has shown that effective response to data breeches can save lives3,” said Satrajit Misra, vice president, Marketing and Strategic Development, Canon Medical Systems USA, Inc. “Advanced cybersecurity is more important and necessary than ever before, and our cybersecurity services give hospitals the latest cyber-attack prevention technologies to help protect patient information in today’s evolving landscape.”

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  2. National Institute of Standards and Technology standards 800:37 and 800:53.
  3. For systems with Service Processor Firewall or TVR installed