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April 3, 2017

CIS Expands Cardiac Ultrasound Capabilities with New Toshiba Medical Systems

With the addition of 20 new Aplio 300 Platinum CV ultrasound systems from Toshiba Medical, clinicians at Cardiovascular Institute of the South now have access to high-quality imaging and an impressive suite of cardiac applications that improve diagnostic confidence.

Providing Safe and Confident Cardiac Imaging with 20 New Aplio 300 Platinum CVs and Upgrades to 20 Existing Toshiba Medical Ultrasound Systems

TUSTIN, Calif., April 3, 2017 – To bolster its technology and treatment capabilities for coronary and peripheral artery diseases across all of its locations, Cardiovascular Institute of the South (CIS) installed 20 new AplioTM 300 Platinum CV ultrasound systems from Toshiba Medical. To further expand its ultrasound technology, CIS also upgraded 20 existing ultrasounds to Toshiba Medical’s Aplio 300 Platinum platform to ensure staff were offering consistent and more confident cardiac diagnoses to all patients.

“Purchasing ultrasound systems that are extremely easy to use and installing them across all of our facilities to make exams consistent was very important to us,” said Jaime Aubin, ultrasound team leader, Cardiovascular Institute of the South. “The Aplio 300 Platinum and Aplio 300 Platinum CV ultrasounds offer the best image quality and the cardiac applications we need to make it easier for sonographers of all levels of experience to easily capture images with little to no pressure to the body, improving patient comfort. Toshiba Medical has also been an excellent partner in training all of our staff, as well as helping us create custom reports that fully integrate with our EMR platform.”

The Aplio 300 Platinum CV offers a comprehensive suite of dedicated-cardiac technologies, featuring 2D Wall Motion Tracking, spectral and color Doppler, and Toshiba Medical’s latest suite of guidance and workflow technologies. Delivering detail and resolution throughout the entire field-of-view, the system provides excellent definition of the endocardium, which results in an accurate and easy-to-use 2D strain resolution. Furthermore, Toshiba Medical’s Wall Motion Tracking technology allows providers to quantify isolated movement within the heart to assist with detection of cardiotoxicity.

The Aplio 300 Platinum features a high-resolution 19-inch monitor and an optional fourth transducer port. The Aplio 300 Platinum also includes advanced imaging features, such as Advanced Dynamic FlowTM (ADF), Differential Tissue Harmonics (D-THI), Precision Imaging and ApliPureTM+. In addition, BEAM needle visualization allows for better procedural accuracy leading to a better overall customer experience.

“Toshiba Medical puts outstanding customers such as CIS first by customizing technology that meets their needs while also being flexible to a wide range of clinical settings today and in the future,” said Dan Skyba, director, Ultrasound Business Unit, Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc. “Our Aplio 300 Platinum CV offers both exceptional image quality and a comprehensive suite of cardiovascular tools in a small, versatile platform, allowing clinicians to easily maneuver between rooms. The system is ideal for busy imaging departments as it comes with automatic workflow tools to help reduce exam times and improve consistency.”

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